Azerbaijan’s international reserves increase $360M in May

Azerbaijan’s international reserves increase $360M in May
# 10 June 2016 10:39 (UTC +04:00)

APA-Economics reports this was caused by decline of CB reserves since early 2016.

For the present, Azerbaijan ranks at 6th among Eastern European and CIS countries having $39.08 billion of international reserves.

The first place is held by Russia with the international reserves of $387.7 billion, the second place by Poland with $108 billon, the third place by Kazakhstan with $94.29 billion, fourth place b y Czech with $75.08 bln and fifth by Romania with $40.48 bln.

Georgia’s international reserves make $2.569 bln, Armenia’s $1.532 bln.

Czech has held the first place since August 1, 2015, in the Eastern Europe and CIS for per head international reserves - $7,110. The second place was held by Kazakhstan with $5,305. However, Kazakhstan heads CIS countries for this indicator. Azerbaijan ranks at 2nd ($4,005). Fourth and fifth places are held by Croatia ($3,520) and Bulgaria ($3,400).

Azerbaijan’s international reserves rose $360 mln and head CIS countries. In Poland, the growth was more serious - $3.01 billion.

So, per head international reserves in Azerbaijan made $35 in May, while it was $80 in Poland.

Azerbaijan’s international reserves had reached maximum in 2014 - $52.79 billion.