Uighur group based in Turkey calls for calm

Uighur group based in Turkey calls for calm
# 14 July 2015 21:25 (UTC +04:00)

The statement follows Turkey-wide anti-China protests amid reports of Beijing imposing a ban on Muslims fasting during Ramadan, while the Thai consulate in Istanbul was attacked last week after Thailand sent Uighur to China amid reports of persecution.

In its statement Tuesday, the Free East Turkestan Platform said Thailand's decision to return the Uighur to China had "caused indignation" in Turkey.

It then blamed the attack on the Thai diplomatic mission on Uighur “worried about the fate of their kinsmen,” who it said had gathered at the consulate when false reports spread, resulting in “undesirable” incidents.

The group also expressed sadness over what it called “unpleasant actions” against the Turkish police in Ankara.

It blamed the attacks on “provocateurs.”

"We are inviting our East Turkestan citizens, those who have been exposed to years of human rights violations and violence, and those who sought refuge in Turkey, to calm down," it said.

It then called on the Chinese government to "stop violating human rights."

A presidential statement confirmed Tuesday that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will visit China between July 28 and 30.

With this in mind, the Platform said that it believes Erdogan will conduct diplomatic initiatives to protect the lives and property of the Uighur sent to China.