S. Korea's spy agency confirms Hamas' suspected use of N. Korean weapons

S. Korea
# 08 January 2024 10:58 (UTC +04:00)

South Korea's spy agency on Monday confirmed suspicions that North Korean-made weapons are being used by the Hamas militant group in its war with Israel despite Pyongyang's repeated denial of its arms transactions, APA reports citing Yonhap.

Releasing a new photo of a North Korean rocket part, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) confirmed a Voice of America (VOA) report that Hamas fighters used an F-7 rocket-propelled grenade launcher manufactured in North Korea.

A photo included in the VOA report published Friday showed that the fuse of an F-7 grenade launcher, allegedly used by Hamas, had on it a combination of Korean characters and numbers, such as "비저-7류" and "시8-80-53."

Asked about the report, the NIS said its "assessment is the same as the VOA report."

"The fuse with the Korean characters is located in the mid-section of the North Korean-made F-7 rocket," the spy agency told Yonhap News Agency, while providing a photo of a disassembled F-7 grenade launcher.

The spy agency also said it is "collecting and accumulating" detailed evidence of North Korea's suspected supplies of its weapons to Hamas, such as trade volumes and the timing of arms trade.

"But it is currently difficult to provide such evidence due to the need to protect information sources and in consideration of diplomatic ties," the NIS said.

South Korea's military earlier said North Korea appears to be linked to Hamas in the arms trade and other military fields, and could use military tactics similar to those used against Israel for a surprise attack on South Korea.

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