Pakistan's retaliatory attack on "terrorist hideouts" in Iran claims 7 lives-UPDATED

# 18 January 2024 09:44 (UTC +04:00)

Pakistan on Thursday carried out strikes against "terrorist hideouts" in Iran, a day after warning Tehran of "serious consequences" over its attack on the Balochi group Jaish al-Adl's headquarters in its territory, APA reports citing NDTV.

"A number of terrorists" were killed during the intelligence-based operation codenamed, "Marg Bar Sarmachar", Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said. Iranian media, however, reported that seven people were killed in the attack.

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Pakistan has conducted strikes inside Iran targeting Baluchi militants, a senior intelligence official told Reuters on Thursday, two days after Iran conducted strikes inside Pakistani territory, APA reports.

There was no official confirmation of the strikes by Pakistani officials, but Iranian media said several missiles hit a village in the Sistan-Baluchistan province that orders Pakistan and that three women and 4 children, all non-Iranians, were killed.

Iran said on Tuesday it had targeted Israel-linked militant bases inside Pakistan. Pakistan said civilians had been hit and two children killed, warning that there would be consequences which Tehran would be responsible for.


Pakistani security forces have struck "terrorist centers" in Iran with precision, a security official told Xinhua on Thursday morning, APA reports.

Sources from Pakistan's armed forces said that all targets were hit precisely.

"We hit the confirmed terrorists. In our view all terrorists are our targets irrespective of race, ethnicity, religion, or sect," added the security official.

Sources from the Pakistani government told Xinhua that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a statement about the recent development.

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