Netanyahu: "Israel dealt Hamas massive blows"

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

© APA | Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

# 21 May 2021 16:41 (UTC +04:00)

"Operation in Gaza changed the rules of the game," said Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in a statement from the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv, APA reports citing Israel media.

He said that the Gaza operation’s objectives were “extraordinarily” achieved.

He said the main purpose he had in the operation was “safeguarding Israel’s security” and says not everything regarding the outcome and impact of the Israeli strikes is yet known to the public, or even to Hamas.

He noted he didn’t order a ground operation in Gaza because he believed it wasn’t necessary. “Had I believed it necessary, I would have ordered it,” he adds.

“Therefore, we caused maximum casualties to Hamas while minimizing Israeli casualties,” he added.

He adds that Israel fulfilled its objective to deal Hamas a “blow it cannot imagine” by destroying the terror tunnel network it built in Gaza and which he says turned into a “death trap,” as well as by being dealt “massive blows” both above ground and underground.

Above ground, he says over 200 terrorists, including 25 senior officials were killed as a result of Israeli air strikes.

Netanyahu noted the operation has “changed the equation” and caused Hamas to be more careful in the future about attacking Israel.

He thanks US President Joe Biden and says their six recent conversations were all friendly and warm.