Iranian protester subjected to mock executions in prison - source

Sahand Noormohammadzadeh

© APA | Sahand Noormohammadzadeh

# 05 December 2022 23:26 (UTC +04:00)

One of the six people sentenced to death over the current anti-government protests in Iran has been subjected to mock executions three times in prison, a source has told BBC Persian, APA reports citing BBC.

A Revolutionary Court in Tehran found Sahand Noormohammadzadeh, 27, guilty of "enmity against God" last month.

He was accused of setting a bin on fire and blocking traffic, which he denied.

Before his trial, the source said, Noormohammadzadeh was "asked to go on a chair blindfolded to be hanged".

Cruel or degrading treatment of people in custody is prohibited under international human rights law.

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