Iranian MFA responded allegations regarding Iran to produce drone in Russia

Nasser Kanani

© APA | Nasser Kanani

# 21 November 2022 13:53 (UTC +04:00)

“The history of the cooperation between Russia and Iran in the field of technological defense dates before the Russia-Ukraine war. Accusing Iran of this allegation is implemented with political intentions”, said a spokesperson of the Iranian MFA Nasser Kanani, in response to the allegations of the Washington Post regarding Iran constructing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) plant in Russia, APA’s Tehran correspondent reports.

He stressed that American government officials and its press occasionally write Iran-related articles regarding the Ukraine war is done to cover up official Washington's political views and warmongering stance on the war: “Countries like this are engaged in exporting weapons to one side of the war instead of helping to resolve conflict”.