Syria accuses armed opposition of blocking humanitarian convoy in Homs

Syria accuses armed opposition of blocking humanitarian convoy in Homs
# 28 June 2012 22:15 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA. Syrian foreign ministry on Thursday accused armed groups of blocking humanitarian convoy from entering the restive central Homs province, stressing resolution to put an end to the armed groups’ crimes, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

In a statement issued Thursday, the ministry said the armed groups have blocked the humanitarian access for the fifth straight time, adding that the efforts of the humanitarian organizations, namely the Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross, are aimed at evacuating the wounded and sick people from the "clutch of violence" and destruction practiced by the armed groups on ground.

The Syrian government has granted permission for the humanitarian organizations to evacuate people and rush in relief aid, it said, noting that after several attempts by the humanitarian convoy to enter the area, the armed groups have informed the International Red Cross of its rejection to allow any person out of the areas under its control.

"The practices of the armed groups show their inhuman and brutal nature," the ministry said, adding that the only concern of those armed groups is to use people as human shields to continue their terrorism.

The ministry said the armed groups should be forced to curb its crimes by practicing pressures on the parties that support and finance the armed movement in Syria.

The statement concluded by stressing the Syrian government’s determination to exert all efforts to help to extract the trapped civilians, adding that it will shoulder its responsibilities to deter the armed groups from carrying on with their crimes.

The ministry’s statement came just hours after a convoy of the Syrian Red Crescent and International Red Cross was banned from getting into restive areas in Homs on Thursday, an official told Xinhua.

The team has tried to get into Homs’ restive suburbs after having assurances, but the efforts were not successful, the Red Crescent official said, adding that the team aimed to evacuate the injured and provide help for those in need.

The source attributed the failure of their mission to the impediments imposed by some parties "that have reneged on their promises to allow us in."

The Red Crescent urged all parties to make human life their first priority and to facilitate the humanitarian mission to alleviate the suffering of the more vulnerable people.

The Red Cross and Red Crescent were granted permission from the Syrian government access to the troublesome areas in Homs, but the teams’ efforts were apparently hampered by the disagreements among the armed rebels in those areas.
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