Democrats 'launch Trump impeachment inquiry'

# 25 September 2019 00:03 (UTC +04:00)

Formal impeachment inquiry into President Trump to be launched by Democrats , US media says, APA reports citing BBC.

Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer have just confirmed that the House will vote on a resolution tomorrow condemning Trump’s efforts to block the release of a whistleblower complaint about his call with the Ukrainian president.

The House speaker and majority leader said in a statement: “Allegations that the President of the United States sought to enlist a foreign government to interfere in our democratic process by investigating one of his political rivals – and may have used the withholding of Congressionally-appropriated foreign assistance days earlier as intimidation – are deeply alarming. ...

“On Wednesday, the House will vote on a resolution making it clear Congress’s disapproval of the Administration’s effort to block the release of the complaint and the need to protect the whistleblower.

“This is not a partisan matter, it’s about the integrity of our democracy, respect for the rule of law and defending our Constitution. We hope that all Members of the House – Democrats and Republicans alike – will join in upholding the rule of law and oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution as Representatives of the American people.”