Azeri Diaspora to support Matthew Bryza’s candidature as an Ambassador to Azerbaijan

Azeri Diaspora to support Matthew Bryza’s candidature as an Ambassador to Azerbaijan
# 11 August 2010 05:12 (UTC +04:00)
APA’s Washington correspondent was informed by the Azerbaijani Diaspora members that they are going to hold a campaign against Armenian Diaspora’s provocations.

“The Armenian Diaspora has been doing everything possible to oppose Matthew Bryza’s candidature as an Ambassador to Azerbaijan. They have been trying to bring on agenda issues that have nothing to do with Bryza and specially his work in Baku”, - said Fariz Gasanov, Azerbaijani Diaspora activist.

Another Diaspora member, Sabit Karimov, said: “Armenian Diaspora sent letters to unserious media outlets which are ready to debate anything anytime and just look for sensation. Also they have been sending provocative letters to the members of Senate”.

According to Mr. Karimov, Armenian Diaspora members are a big electoral crowd and it uses its voices for influencing the Senate members by blackmailing them.

Meanwhile Bryza’s candidature approval was postponed because of technical issues, the Azerbaijani Diaspora has learnt from the Senate.

“Right now we are sending letters to the members of the Senate and the newspapers, regional experts, to explain them that Bryza’s issue is just another political game for Armenians”, - said Samira Valiyeva, Azerbaijani Diaspora member.

“Armenians would oppose just any initiative that might do anything good to Azerbaijan”, - she added.
Elmir Hudiev, Diaspora member and PhD in International relations, says Bryza’s career and his activities during the recent years show nothing but accuracy and massive effort to resolve the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“Of course, Armenians don’t need that, that’s why they oppose him”, - he added.

Meanwhile, APA’s Washington DC correspondent has learnt that the Armenian Diaspora is trying to delay the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan issue till this fall - right before the elections. Armenians believe they will then be able to blackmail on the Members of the Senate, manipulating their decision on Bryza in that way.