Egypt interim president officially accepts ElBaradei's resignation

Egypt interim president officially accepts ElBaradei
# 15 August 2013 22:50 (UTC +04:00)

ElBaradei - himself an outspoken critic of Morsi - had tendered his resignation on Wednesday.

In his resignation letter to Mansour, ElBaradei wrote, “It has become difficult for me to continue bearing responsibility for decisions that I do not agree with and whose consequences I fear. I cannot bear the responsibility for one drop of blood.”

“Unfortunately those who gain from what happened today are those who call for violence and terror, the extremist groups,” he wrote.

Egypt’s Health Ministry says at least 525 people were killed and 3,600 injured in Wednesday’s violence.

Over 43 security personnel, including a number of generals and colonels, were among the dead.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood put the death toll far higher, saying more than 2,000 people died. It has vowed to peacefully defeat the military coup that led to Morsi’s ouster last month.

Meanwhile, members of Muslim Brotherhood staged fresh rallies in the cities of Alexandria and Assiut to protest the violent breakup of their sit-ins in the capital, Cairo. Thousands of supporters of Brotherhood also stormed the Giza governorate headquarters in the Egyptian capital.

A pro-Morsi group, called anti-Coup Alliance, said the only way out of the crisis is a dialog based on the constitutional legitimacy of the ousted president.

Egypt has plunged into unrelenting string of violence since General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the head of the Egyptian army pushed aside Morsi, the country's first democratically elected president, and declared chief Justice of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour as the interim president.

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