Severe flooding hits Azerbaijan’s Goychay and Shamakhi districts

Severe flooding hits Azerbaijan’s Goychay and Shamakhi districts
# 13 June 2016 08:40 (UTC +04:00)

Yekhakhana, Shahsoltanli, Garamaryam, Incha and Garayazi villages of Goychay were affected by the mudflow.   


Courtyards, basements, stalls were flooded, vegetable gardens and pastures were significantly damaged, villagers’ poultry, fruit trees, small cattle and one passenger car were washed out.


Concrete and metal drainages, as well as small bridges over water ditches were destroyed. Deep ravines formed in the streets, hectares of grain fields were seriously damaged.  


As a result of the strong mudflow, the part of Baku-Shamakhi-Yevlakh highway passing through Garameryem village was closed for an hour.


The flooding also destroyed the bridges over the Devebatan river and small nameless mountain rivers in Ashagi Garamaryam and Incha villages.  


The mudflows in Shamakhi district caused serious damages to private farms, sown areas, grain fields and pastures, leaving a few small cattle and poultry dead.   


Villages across the Pirsaat river were flooded. Bridges over the river leading to Demirchi, Zaratkheyberi and Safali villages were washed out, and communication between the district center and villages was interrupted.


Representatives of the Goychay and Shamakhi district executive authorities are currently inspecting the flood-affected areas.  


It should be noted that the Ismayilli district was also affected by the flooding yesterday.