Emergency calls increase 15-20 percent in magnetic excitation days – INVESTIGATION

Emergency calls increase 15-20 percent in magnetic excitation days – <font color=red>INVESTIGATION </font>
# 28 April 2011 15:40 (UTC +04:00)
He said the solar flares have not been so effective. 11-year solar cycle will be close to its maximum in 2013-2014. It will increase solar flares and coronal mass ejections. The flares will be intensive when it reaches the maximum and then it will fall to the minimum. The current 11-year active cycle is 24th and it will pass into the 25th cycle after the solar maximum”.

Babayev said main factors caused the magnetic perturbation are the massive burst of solar wind, other light isotope plasma, and magnetic fields rising above the solar corona or being released into space. “It should be taken into consideration that weather caprices, which are characteristic for the period of spring season and sometimes it becomes more intensive than “cosmic” caprices. Usually the people mix it up with the weather conditions. The frequent weather changes have an intensive effect on the people’s health in our latitudes. The intensive oscillation of atmosphere pressure has been observed recently. Such meteorological changes create discomfort for the people. “Some people mix it up with weather’s effect. But it is not correct to relate all health problems with the weather conditions. If geomagnetic and meteorological changes coincide, it will create negative effects”.

Babayev called on the doctors and mass media to be careful in their reports. “The doctors should be more careful and base on the scientific reports only. The people are recommended to take preventive measures only advising with the doctors. The psychological factors also can create discomfort. All of these processes have no negative effect on the healthy people”.

Chief of the 8th first aid station Nazim Humbatov told APA that the emergency calls increased 15-20 percent during the magnetic excitation. “The magnetic activeness creates discomfort for the people with heart, vascular and neurological problems. They feel change in the heart beats and blood pressure”.

Humbatov said changes in the atmosphere pressure also created discomforts for the ill people. He recommend to the sensitive people, elders, children and the people with poor health to rest during in these conditions.
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