President of Alzahra University of Iran Mahboubeh Mobasheri: We will also admit students from Azerbaijan in future

President of Alzahra University of Iran Mahboubeh Mobasheri: We will also admit students from Azerbaijan in future
# 14 May 2010 14:34 (UTC +04:00)
-How do you assess cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan in education?

-I am grateful to the senior officials of Iran and Azerbaijan, Iranian embassy in Azerbaijan for offering these opportunities to us. I think these meetings and conferences will develop the cultural and scientific relations between the two countries. The conference of the world Islamic universities in Azerbaijan helps the Islamic nations to know one another better. The students from various countries, including Azerbaijan are studying at the universities of Iran. Iranians also study in Azerbaijani higher schools. Though Alzahra University has students from foreign countries, we do not have students from Azerbaijan. I hope we will also admit students from Azerbaijan in future and our cooperation will extend on the level of higher schools. I highly appreciate the relations between the two countries. The diplomas given to the Iranian students by Azerbaijani higher schools are valid. Only Iran’s Health Ministry considers invalid the diplomas given to the Iranian students by Azerbaijan Medical University, this issue will be solved soon.

-Are only girls studying at Alzahra University? Are students employed after graduating the higher school?

-Various higher schools of Iran have faculties for girls. Also in all universities girls and boys study together. Alzahra is the only state university for girls in Iran. Boys are not studying here, but we have male teachers. Alzahra University was not established after the Islamic Revolution. Our university has been functioning for over 100 years, an Iranian millionaire established it only for girls. The safe, calm atmosphere created for the girls by the university is also approved by their families. You know that most parents do not want their children, especially daughters to study. But parents prefer our university. There were and are such universities in the US, South Korea, Bahrain and many other countries. Education level of women in Iran has increased after the Islamic Revolution. Currently, 70 percent of students consist of girls in Iran. Women work in different spheres in Iran as in other countries of the world. As you know, one of the advisors of Iran’s president is a woman, health minister is a woman and we have women deputies too. President’s deputy on science and technology is a woman. Women are independent and active in all spheres. All women in the world are the same for me. There may be difference only in the educational levels. I paid official visit to several countries. Moreover, I lived in Europe for many years. I can’t differ Iranian women form others, it may be injustice. Iranian women also made a discovery in science, won medals. Now we have many women scientists.

-What languages are taught at the Alzahra University and how many faculties there?

-There are 120 faculties at the Alzahra University. Moreover, we have culture, theology, psychology, profession of an engineer, economy and foreign languages faculties. We teach Russian, English, French and Arabic at our university.

-Do veil and hijabs create obstacles for women to study or work?

- No. primarily, veils and hijabs our national dress. If you read Shahname, then you will know that there were many types of clothes in Iran. And hijab was special dress of women. Generally, women always wore veil. I see great enthusiasm for science and culture in Azerbaijan. Negligible existing problems will be solved by the efforts of the heads of both countries and we will be glad with the development of our countries in each sphere.