Alexander Rybak: “I believe the strongest singer will win in the contest” – INTERVIEW

Alexander Rybak: “I believe the strongest singer will win in the contest” – <font color=red>INTERVIEW </font>
# 28 May 2010 15:46 (UTC +04:00)
- Eurovision 2010 semifinals fell behind already. Are you satisfied with the organizing of semifinal concerts?

- Both semifinals were held in a high level. Norway made best efforts to organize this contest. I would like that every winner country seriously approach and worthily host this contest.

- Probably you saw both semifinals. Are you satisfied with the results?

- I can not talk up about such issues. It is very complicate issue to express opinion, but I was satisfied with the results of both semifinals. I believe the strongest singer will win in the contest.

- Do you sadden that other singer will replace you in two days?

- I think somebody will take over my responsibilities. This will be only a winner of this prize. This is great that the new winner will free me from the responsibility. I don’t sadden, in contrary, I am happy for that.

- Probably you like German singer among the Eurovision 2010 contest?

- Yes, I like the German singer and song. Germany is my favorite this year, but I will vote not only for Germany, but for Belarus and Norway as well because I am from Belarus and I live in Norway for long years. Therefore I will vote for three countries.

- A year has passed since your victory. What did this victory change in your life?

- I was very preconceived before winning the contest, but after the victory I was change and I thank Eurovision for that. I saw a number of cultures after this contest. It was new for me.

- You gained record points in the Eurovision’s 54-year history. Do you think that someone can break your record?

- Of course, everything is possible. But it is great achievement to be first champion. I would like to see someone to break this record, but I would like that it will be achieved only for the song.

- They said the singers had a year to promote themselves after the Eurovision contest. Do you think that the new winner will shadow you?

- I don’t agree with that. I am Alexander Rybak and this year another singer will be a winner. It is true that victory in the contest is a great success and PR, but I never try to use this victory for promotion. I will shine after the Eurovision 2010 contest too because I am working on a new album and it will be released later in June. Thousands of people are waiting for my new album.

- You will present a prize to the Eurovision 2010 winner…

- This is a crystal microphone. This is very beauty and interesting thing. I believe that this crystal microphone will find its worthy owner.

- Do you think to participate at the Eurovision contest again?

- I am not planning it for the next few years, but I can’t say anything about the far future. This is very responsible and difficult way. It is very difficult to pass it again and lo live with heavy working schedule.

- What can you recommend to 25 finalists of Eurovision 2010?

- I wish successes to everyone, particularly Germany. Let them to show good performance. I think everybody will be satisfied with the results. It will be seen tomorrow.