Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Song Contest Svante Stockselius: Azerbaijani representative’s song is very rhythmic, memorable and distinguished – INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION

Executive Supervisor of Eurovision Song Contest Svante Stockselius: Azerbaijani representative’s song is very rhythmic, memorable and distinguished –<font color=red> INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 25 May 2010 09:00 (UTC +04:00)
Oslo. Ulkar Gasimova – APA. Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest Svante Stockselius’ interview to APA’s correspondent in Norway

-Are you satisfied with the arrangement of the 55th Eurovision Song Contest?

-Norway started the preparations for the contest early enough and has fulfilled all the tasks perfectly. We are completely ready for this show.

-Compared with last year the number of the participating countries has reduced this year. They say this is connected with the world economic crisis. Are you disappointed with the reduction of the number of the participating countries?

-Every year about 40 countries participate in Eurovision. There are 39 participating countries this year and the reduction of the number is not connected with the arrangement of Eurovision. This is connected with the internal problems of these countries. I am sure that the 40th country will return to the contest next year.

-It is supposed that Eurovision Junior Song contest may not be held in the following years, as there is little interest in this contest. What do you think about it?

- This is not true information. We intend to continue the Eurovision Junior contest, preparations have started. Junior Eurovision will be held in Minsk, Belarus in November. Serious preparations are being made for it.

-Reports spread last year that Eurovision Dance contest will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan. Later, it was rescheduled for 2011. Will Eurovision Dance 2011 be held in Azerbaijan?

-Why not if Azerbaijan bids for this contest and proves that it is ready to host the contest? It can even be applied to Junior Eurovision in the following years. Both contests can be held in Azerbaijan’s capital in future.

-You have been supervising Eurovision contest for long years. Isn’t it bothersome?

-Not a bit. Every year this contest is more interesting and modern. This is not bothersome. Every year the contest is more modern and quite different, therefore it is impossible to feel bothered.

-I suppose it requires great responsibility to supervise a contest bringing together the countries of Europe.

Of course… This is a great responsibility. You should satisfy all countries and it should be perfect. Every year I take pleasure in this contest. This is very exciting. I have been supervising this contest for long years and do not know how long it will last. It is very exciting to wait for the results of this contest and know the results every year. It is very interesting to work together with the persons from various states, religions, having different world outlook.

-So, you do not know the results of the contest beforehand

-How can I know it? I know the results together with all the audience. I only observe the semifinal and final. I have my favorite, but despite this the results will be a surprise for me, too.

- There were some talks about ways of gaining first place in Eurovision-2010. Which situation can cause such rumor? What do you think, doesn’t it raise doubts on the objectivity of the contest?

- Nothing can raise doubts on the objectivity of the Eurovision contest. Of course, there are people who want to give to rise about Eurovision contest and such rumors are the efforts aimed at in this direction. Those efforts do not testify any fact. And that is why such endeavors are always unsuccessful. Since its establishment Eurovision Song Contest has always been objective and here may not be spoken about any bias.

- At the end of last year director of Eurovision TV Bjorn Ericsson pensioned off. Has that post given an appointment?

- Yes, Mister Bjorn Ericsson returned to his country and pensioned off. An appointment to this post has already been determined and Georgian Franc leads Eurovision TV.

- How do you estimate Azerbaijan’s participation in Eurovision-2010 contest after last year’s problems? As you know, EBU imposed a fine on Azerbaijan and repetition of that situation may result with three-year estrangement from the contest…

- I hope that, neither this year, nor in future years participant countries and organizers will not stay face to face with such problem any more. This year Azerbaijan has a very talented singer and beautiful song. I wish success to Azerbaijan at the contest.

- Do you have favorite in this year’s contest as a contest chief?

- Of course, I do. And I can say his/her name. But it does not take any importance. I have listened to all songs and there are decent songs among them. I hope the best song will win at the contest.

- What do you think about Azerbaijani representative and her song at current contest?

- I think that her song is very rhythmic, memorable and distinguished. Your representative is also very talented young lady. I wish great success to Azerbaijan at the contest.

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