Representative of Azerbaijan in Eurovision-2010: I’ll prove my success to them, who doesn’t believe to my success - INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION

Representative of Azerbaijan in Eurovision-2010: I’ll prove my success to them, who doesn’t believe to my success - <font color=red>INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 25 March 2010 15:03 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulker Gasimova – APA. The representative of Azerbaijan in 55th in Eurovision Song Contest Sefure Alizade’s interview to APA from Sweden

- In which stage is the preparation for Eurovision-2010?

- I’m preparing seriously. I’m going to make a new album. All songs in album are super. It’s interesting and honourable for me whom I’m working with. And I have wished to take place in Eurovision, since my childhood. Now I’m very happy.

- You have spoken about the responsibility of representation of Azerbaijan in Eurovision. What place do you promise to Azerbaijan?

- We’re still in the first place in ratings. I’m trying it to be real and hope thet the result of this training will be positive and gratifying. For this I do my best. I’ll prove my success them who doesn’t believe my success.

- It’s interesting that, Turkish press published that Azerbaijan bought over the first place in Eurovision 2010

- I was answered about me that to be representative of Azerbaijan during the natio9nal selections. But these opinions are for damaging the Azerbaijan’s success. This is international contest. No one can buy over the first place here.

- If Armenia takes the lead on Azerbaijan, how will it influence to you?

- This is a song contest and I’ll show myself on high level in this contest. I believe to myself.

- How did you see the selection of Drip drop?

- I’m satisfied this song when I listened it first. I find something again, when I listen and sing this song. I hope that this song will win a decently place for Azerbaijan.

- It has already started voting of contest’s bookmakers and Azerbaijan is the first place...

- I rejoiced over this news. I hope that it will remain unchanged.

- The representative and songs of 39 countries has taken shape in Eurovision. Which representative do you see as a rival?

- I can’t answer this question. Cause of, I have listened few of them. But I promise to listen in the next days.

- According to experts the main rivals are Azerbaijan, Denmark and Israel…

- May be it’ll be so. Denmark is represented by Nevergreen. He is a sufficiently popular singer. Israel’s representative is good too. I’m proud of Azerbaijan’s name is first places.

- What do you get from working with Engineer/Producer Niklas Flyckt who worked with Britney Spears, Madonna, Celine Dion?

- It’s great responsibility for me to work with him. I learn more in training process and I’m sure that this training will help to my career in the future.

- Is your mother with you in the training visit?

- Yes, my mother is always with me. She is not with me, in training process but I speak to her every day and tell all processes to her. She gives advice to me.

- In what clothes will we see Sefure in Telenor Arena in Oslo? To what country does belong her dresses?

- I can only say that Azerbaijan will distinguish as always. Everything will be good. But I want to keep it still as a secret.

- Imagine, it’s already May and you’re in the front of international media in Oslo. How would you present Azerbaijan?

- I’ll tell most beautiful words about Azerbaijan. I’ll inform how our nation is peaceful and hospitable. Now I need great support. I want my nation to support me. Please, don’t deny this support.

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