The name of nominee to represent Azerbaijan in the “Eurovision-2010” will be known on February 25 - PHOTOSESSION

The name of nominee to represent Azerbaijan in the “Eurovision-2010” will be known on February 25 - <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 02 February 2010 21:53 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulker Qasimova – APA. On February 2, the national semifinal concert, held in Buta Palace, to select the nominee to represent Azerbaijan in the “Eurovision-2010” was followed by the press conference.

According to APA’s correspondent, Azerbaijan Public TV’s general director, chief of national jury Ismayil Omerov, the head of Azerbaijani delegation on Eurovision song contest Adil Kerimli, Aysel Teymurzade, who represented Azerbaijan in the Eurovision-2009, the winner of Eurovision-2009 Alexander Ribak and winner of Eurovision-2004 Ruslana, as well as three nominees who won tickets to the final selection, Meryem Shabanova, Sefura Alizade and “Milk & Kisses” group joined the semifinal press conference.

Addressing the press conference, Public TV’s general director said that it’s for the second time that Azerbaijan officially presented in the Eurovision Song contest and marked first two years as successful for our country: “We joined this contest two years ago and are highly represented in it, be it as a country or a company. We have already shown through this concert how skillful people of Azerbaijan are. I believe our attempts will be successful in the “Eurovision-2010”. Maybe we’ll gain much more what we achieved during the “Eurovision-2009”. Our participation in this contest is the victory of Azerbaijan music, Azerbaijan culture. Today the decision came not only by us, but also considering the opinion of audience. Last year, when the nominees were declared, not all the people believed the results to be so. But we proved that our decision was right.”

I. Omerov noted that on February 25, the name of nominee to represent Azerbaijan in the “Eurovision-2010” Song contest will be declared. According to him, along with the voice, mimic and gestures also plays a great role in “Eurovision” song contest: “I’m sure that the one who will be selected will represent Azerbaijan in the high level. We will do our best to make it happen.”

The winner of “Eurovision-2009”, Alexander Ribak, who was attending the press conference, said he mostly liked Aysel Teymurzade and Arash from the last contest. “One has to strongly work as a team to win in this contest. Out of six nominees I liked Sefura Alizade’s performance most of all. I wish Azerbaijan great success and will be very glad to hear your victory in the “Eurovision-2010”.

Ribak also highlighted the ongoing serious works related to the “Eurovision-2010” Song contest to be held in Oslo city.

Aysel Teymurzadew, in her turn, wished success to all of three nominees passed to the final selection and wished Azerbaijan to be first in the “Eurovision-2010” Song contest to be held in the capital of Norway, on May.

The finalists, Meryem Shabanova, Sefura Alizade and “Milk & Kisses” group said they will do their utmost to be selected in the final. Each of three nominees noted their readiness to represent Azerbaijan in the highest level, if selected in the final.