Eurovision 2010 nominees value their chances – OPINION POLL - PHOTOSESSION

Eurovision 2010 nominees value their chances – <font color=red>OPINION POLL - PHOTOSESSION </font>
# 12 January 2010 12:53 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulkar Gasimova – APA. Six semifinalists of Eurovision 2010 national qualifying are seriously preparing for semifinal night at Buta Palace in Baku to be held on February 2. APA interviewed with those six nominees - how they value their chances to be selected for Eurovision 2010 Song Contest in Oslo.

Safura Alizadeh: “I believe I will be selected for Eurovision – 2010 Contest”

One of the Eurovision 2010 national section semifinalists Safura Alizadeh told APA that she has dreamed about this contest from her childhood: “I am preparing special performance and special costumes for semifinal on February 2. I am using only my mother’s recommendations. I wish success to all competitors and I would like to say that I have dreamed about Eurovision since my childhood and I am happy now that close to realize my dreams and I will do my best to reach that”.

Alizadeh said she believed that she would win the national selection to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision 2010. “It is very difficult and responsible work. If I don’t reach my goal, I will attend it every year. I will support any our representative at the Eurovision 2010 because she or he will represent Azerbaijan, we can not think individually here”.

Azad Shabanov: “I believe everything will be OK”

Azad Shabanov said he was preparing seriously for the semifinal concert at Buta Palace on February 2. “The winner will be that candidate, who deserves it. I believe the selection will be so. I experienced great feelings when I was qualified for the semifinal, I was singing cordially. I would like to demonstrate all my talent in this contest. Everything is will of Allah. I am working hard and believe that everything will be OK”.

Maryam Shabanova: “I will prove what talents Azerbaijani people grow”

Maryam Shabanova says she is doing best to prepare seriously for February 2 semifinals. “I am not relaxing because it needs to work hard to reach success. There is no rivalry between the nominees and we all are following same goal. Everyone intends to represent Azerbaijan. I believe that most decent candidate will win the selection”.

Shabanova said every of semifinalists deserved the victory. “All of our team is preparing seriously for February 2 semifinals. If I am selected they will see in Oslo completely energetic and perfect Maryam. I will be face of Azerbaijan at the Eurovision 2010 if I am selected. I will prove that what talents Azerbaijani people grow”. Shabanova said it was great success to be qualified for semifinals and was very happy when heard about her selection.

Ulviyya Rahimova: “I will do my best to represent Azerbaijan at the Eurovision 2010”

Ulviyya Rahimova said she was also working hard on the eve of national semifinals and would perform very nice song there.

“Of course, all nominees can represent Azerbaijan. But I like the performance of Elli, Marya, Shabanova and Milk&Kisses group more. I will do my best to be Azerbaijan’s representative in Eurovision-2010. If this chance is given to me, I will perform perfectly in Oslo. If am selected, I want the song, which I will sing, to contain at least 30-minute national music. This is a great chance for all of us and we should evaluate this chance,” she said.

Milk&Kisses group: We do not compete with them, simply struggle for representation

The members of the Milk&Kisses group Dilara and Farida said they were working on a new song for the semifinal together with Dj Vuper. According to Dilara, they work for 24 hours.
“The semifinal will be broadcasted on ITV. Therefore, we want to show how much the Unformal group has changed since 2008. Our aim in creating Milk&Kisses is to get an opportunity to sing song in all styles. Unformal is purely a rock group. We being Milk&Kisses may perform in a number of genres.”
The group members said they loved and supported all the nominees.
“Every nominee is working hard to prepare the performance. We do not compete with them, simply struggle for representation. I believe that the jury and the audience will like our performance on February 2. If we are selected, we will demonstrate grand performance in Eurovision 2010. But now we are getting read for February 2,” he said.

Elli Michiyeva: It is a pride for me to perform under Azerbaijan’s flag

Elli Michiyeva, who is living in Germany and has joined the national selections only to represent Azerbaijan in Eurovision-2010, is also preparing a new song for February 2. Elli will sing a song by her producer, composer Isa Malikov.
“The song is rhythmic. This song has been especially composed for the semifinal concert. There are no weak nominees. I wish success to all the nominees,” she said.
Michiyeva says she will be happy if she is selected.
“All the nominees deserve the right to represent the country. It is a pride for me to perform under Azerbaijan’s flag, if I am selected, it will be a great happiness for me to perform under this flag,” she said.

The semifinal stage will take place to determine Azerbaijan’s representative in Eurovision 2010 song contest in Buta Palace on February 2. The winner of Eurovision 2004 Ruslana, winner of Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak and Azerbaijan’s representative in Eurovision 2009 Aysel Teymurzadeh are guests of the concert.
The concert will be broadcasted by the Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (ITV) and on websites.