Truths about UK parliamentarian – ANALYSIS

Truths about UK parliamentarian – <font color=red>ANALYSIS </font>
# 06 October 2011 13:06 (UTC +04:00)
BBC reports about AIBA and Azerbaijan Boxing Federation are still in the focus of attention of the world media.

The Guardian writes that UK parliamentarian Mark Field is paid by the London-based European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS). Though nothing is said about the form of financing, it is written that Mark Field is the member of the parliament’s intelligence and security committee. But it is not written that Mark Field has been chairman of the UK-Azerbaijan friendship group since 2010. It is no wonder that chairman of the parliament’s Azerbaijani friendship group visits Azerbaijan, attends the events of the Diaspora in the UK and makes speeches at these events. On the contrary, it was not normal that Bruce George, who had been chairman of the UK-Azerbaijan friendship group by 2010, never visited Azerbaijan, nor spoke about this country in the parliament.

The delegation led by Mark Field has twice visited Azerbaijan and held meetings on the highest level. It was noted in the news articles that the visits were organized by the European Azerbaijan Society. The delegation led by Mark Field first visited Azerbaijan in July, 2010. During that visit he gave an interview to APA.

The delegation led by Mark Field last visited Azerbaijan on May 26 this year. It was an official visit. That visit was also covered by the media outlets, including APA ( The delegation led by Mark Field visited frontline regions, met with the Azerbaijani internally displaced persons on May 26-30. After the meeting Mark Field told journalists: “We have listened to the justified problems raised by the people in this beautiful place of Azerbaijan. We want this 20-year conflict to be solved, people, especially children to have prosperous and happy future.”

The UK parliamentarian said at the age of 15 his mother had twice led the life of refugee, he knew the essence of its moral shock, wished people to live in a peaceful neighborhood. The parliamentarian said he still regretted that his mother passed away at the age of 80 without having seen her native land, he promised to inform the UK public about what he had seen and heard in Azerbaijan.

Member of the UK Parliament’s House of Lords, Lord John Kilclooney, who came to Azerbaijan together with Mark Field, said that he was closely familiarized with the injustice faced by Azerbaijani people: “I was here when Azerbaijanis became refugees. I am witness of hardships faced by the people in those days. I support Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. I repeatedly supported Azerbaijan in the British Parliament”.

Lord Kilclooney said that the Armenians had a less support in his country and added that UK always supported Turkey in genocide issue, his country was not supporting this claim of Armenians. As regards England’s position in the settlement of Karabakh conflict, the British diplomat said as follows: “Armenia must understand that it must increase its efforts for the settlement of this conflict. The Armenians must understand that the settlement of Karabakh conflict means the solution of big economic problems for them, the Armenians deprive themselves of it”. This statement was not finished only with Karabakh. After the delegation returned, a report was made for the UK parliament, the documents and photos were disseminated among the MPs, the debate was organized, the MPs explained everything that they saw in Karabakh:
“How can it be that the territory of a country is occupied and we are keeping silence?” they asked.

The delegation led by Mark Filed was received by President Ilham Aliyev, Speaker of the Parliament Ogtay Asadov. This delegation held a meeting with the members of Azerbaijan-UK friendship group and all news articles were posted on the websites of corresponding organizations, each news article underlined that the visited had been organized by the European Azerbaijan Society. At the same time the MPs posted reports about it on their website. In general, the European Azerbaijan Society has initiated and organized three visits of UK MPs to our country. Activities are being carried out in the British parties to establish Azerbaijani friendship groups. No doubt the Armenian Diaspora is concerned over these statements, visits, the speeches of MPs in the UK Parliament, the debates, breaking of silence. It would be naive to expect that the representatives of Diaspora organizations of aggressors will remain indifferent and will not take adequate steps while Azerbaijan’s problems are carried from the street rallies to the parliament. We do not expect that Armenians will not be irritated after more than 40 MPs signed the document released in the UK parliament concerning Khojaly tragedy, which was not mentioned some years ago.

There is another question: Why do ours release these materials from A to Z knowing from where the order comes? In the contemporary information era it is not difficult to write “Mark Field” or “TEAS” in the search engine. It does not concern concrete persons, but the country’s interests, Nagorno Karabakh problem…