Rules on number portability determined in Azerbaijan

Rules on number portability determined in Azerbaijan
# 26 September 2012 12:58 (UTC +04:00)
APA-Economics says indebted numbers and numbers used less than 3 months will not be ported.

According to “Rules of the distribution and use of the resource of mobile numbers” approved by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technologies, firstly Central Database System will be established in the country. Conditions on its installation and management will be agreed by the Ministry with the operators. In the initial phase of the system creation, to maintain the expenditures required to improve the functioning of networks used by mobile operators, the annual fee is 0.65 AZN per year from each number.

Under the rules, the individuals or legal entities, who want to port the number to other operator, must send application to the operator, and submit the information about him/her. After affirmation of this number and documents, operator and subscriber will sign a subscription contract.

The purchaser delivers the signed contract and documents to Central Database System in e-form within 2 working-days, as well to former operator within 10 days.

Former operator checks the considered number and information about subscriber delivers the result to purchaser operator via CDS within 10 working-days. When the former operator refuses number portability, it must substantiate it.

According to rules, if the number does not belong to subscriber, or there are other problems the former operator refuses the portability. r

Reportability of ported numbers to other operators is possible after 3 month-usage. The subscriber must implement lump-sum payment to purchaser operator.

According to rules, mobile operators must solve all technical problems for number portability.

Mobile operators must inform to users and subscribers about information on the number portability and required documents, application forms, rights and liabilities of subscribers, term of this process and post this information on its internet information reserves.
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