Delta Telecom is completing DATA Center project

Delta Telecom is completing DATA Center project
# 15 April 2009 15:01 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Aynur Veliyeva - APA-Economics. Work on the establishment of a new Data Center has continued to progress and is on track for completion, said Delta Telecom, the fast growing service provider in the Caucasus region.

The company said construction-decoration work and installation of air-conditioning system is under way in the two-storied building for the Data Center.

The shipment of equipment (servers, uninterruptible power supply, etc.) will soon be delivered and the Data Center is slated to come online in a month.

Today data centers deploy different networks based on distinct interconnect technologies to transport different traffic from different applications; for example, storage traffic is transported over Fibre Channel-based SAN or InfiniBand, client-server application traffic is handled by an Ethernet-based LAN, while server-to-server IPC may be supported over one of various interconnects such as InfiniBand or Myrinet. A typical server in a high-performance data center has multiple interfaces (Ethernet, FC, InfiniBand) to allow it to be connected to the various disparate networks.

With data centers becoming bigger and more complex, managing different interconnect technologies for traffic from each application is becoming cost- and resource-intensive. With recent advances in speeds of Ethernet (10 Gbit/s is already standard and 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s are in development) it has become an attractive choice as the technology of convergence in the data center.

Another motivating factor for convergence is the consolidation of servers brought about by the advent of blade servers. Today, blade servers need to accommodate their backplane designs to support multiple interconnect technologies. Using a single interconnect technology such as Ethernet can simplify backplane designs, thereby reducing overall costs and power consumption.

About Delta Telecom

Delta Telecom is the leading telecom operator in the Caucasus region. The company provides professional telecommunication and communication services on the basis of the license 001514 given on December 30, 2005 by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic. Delta Telecom owns the largest Internet backbone network in the region. The backbone network’s platform is based modern technologies provides professional IP backbone services to all ISPs of Azerbaijan and more than 78% of Georgia.

The company’s DWDM network infrastructure covers all regional centers and international gates. Interconnection’s capacity with neighbor countries reached to tens gigabit per second. More than 87% of local Backhauling services for mobile operators, ISPs, banks and more commercial organizations proving over DWDM/SDH infrastructure. Delta Telecom’s Carrier Ethernet and Metro Ethernet network infrastructure has the capability to accommodate corporate networks, DATA services, and professional IP/MPLS services. This network infrastructure is the main IP transmission solution for local ISPs for IP Backbone services.

For developing ICT in regional and mountainous areas Delta Telecom’s Satellite Backbone services is a flexible solution. The platform based DVB-RCS technologies provides professional telephony services to hundreds of villages in mountainous areas. More than three thousand VSAT stations provide high-speed Internet, data and telephony services in the regions inaccessible over terrestrial infrastructures. The main slogan of Delta telecom is to follow new modern technologies. The company continues to keep a leading position in modern technologies implementation and was the first to implement Pre WiMAX, 802.16d in the region also is Delta Telecom’s practice. Delta Telecom’s achievements will also include being the first to deploy mobile WiMAX and IMS technologies.
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