Ilgar Mollachiyev and his brother-in-law Samir Mehdiyev committed explosion in Abu Bakr Mosque

Ilgar Mollachiyev and his brother-in-law Samir Mehdiyev committed explosion in Abu Bakr Mosque
# 02 September 2008 16:52 (UTC +04:00)
The statement sent to APA by public affairs department of National Security Ministry says that an unknown man threw hand grenade into Abu Bakr mosque in Ulvi Bunyatzadeh street, Baku at 20.50 on August 17, 2008, in the aftermath of the explosion, two were killed and 18 people were injured.

Representatives of law-enforcement bodies visited the site and set up an operation group. Baku Prosecutor’s Office launched criminal case on the fact on article 120.4 (deliberate murder committed with special cruelty or in publicly dangerous way), 120.27 (Killing two or more persons) and 228.1 (illegal purchase, transfer, selling, storage, transportation and carrying of fire-arms, accessories to it, supplies, explosives) of the Criminal Code. As there were signs of terrorism in the crime, National Security Ministry’s Head Investigation Department was commissioned to carry out the investigation.
The operations carried out by National Security Ministry found out that the persons suspected of committing the crime are residents of Zagatala region, Ilgar Mollachiyev, a.k.a Abdulmajid, who declared himself amir of Dagestani people and participated in the illegal armed groups in South Caucasus, Samir Mehdiyev, a.k.a Suleyman and other persons of radical religious sect who had relations with them.

National Security Ministry rendered harmless an armed gang “Forest brothers” in 2007. 17 members of the gang, as well as one of its leaders – Naif Abdulkarim Al-Bedevi a.k.a Abu Jafar were arrested. One of the leaders of the armed gang Ilgar Mollachiyev, his brother-in-law Samir Mehdiyev and other are being prosecuted.

It has been found out that Ilgar Mollachiyev and Samir Mehdiyev planned to restore the activity of the armed gang “Forest brothers”, set up illegal military units in northern regions of the republic and commit terrorist acts to violate socio-political stability in Azerbaijan. National Security Ministry prepared special operation to foil their plans. As a result of urgent measures 13 were detained and held accountable. A great deal of weapons, explosives, instructions of preparation, special communication devices, and defense-purpose devices were confiscated.

Sumgayit residents – Taleh Maharramov and Samir Babayev gave thorough testimonies about the activity, plan and intentions of the armed gang. They said when they were talking on the religious theme with their friend Samir Mehdiyev and others they reproached those who were praying in Abu Bakr Mosque and exchanged views on jihad. Under the instructions of Ilgar Mollachiyev to make jihad, Samir Mehdiyev attempted to restore the activity of armed gang “Forest brothers”.

On this purpose Samir Mehdiyev restored contacts with his radical friends – Taleh Maharramov, Samir Babayev, Fariz Mammadov, Elshan Allahverdiyev, Zabit Shikhbabayev and others. On July 19, 2008 in order to organize jihad in Azerbaijan Ilgar Mollachiyev, Samir Mehdiyev and two others illegally crossed Azerbaijani border and came to Baku and Sumgayit.

According to the plan of Ilgar Mollachiyev and Samir Mehdiyev, members of “Sumgayit people” group belonging to the “Forest brothers” armed gang were to commit robberies in Baku, get firearms, commit terrorist acts, the members of another group called “Guba and Gusar people” were to set up military camps in the mountainous regions of the republic. The members of the armed gang prepared shelters, obtained firearms and foodstuff.

Taleh Maharramov and Samir Babayev said while giving testimonies that they made sure that the explosion in Abu Bakr mosque had been committed by Ilgar Mollachiyev and Samir Mehdiyev and told Samir Mehdiyev about it. The latter said they had indeed committed the crime and told them to keep secret.

Operations continue to define all the members of the gang, hold them accountable and investigate all the cases.