Armed gang attacks and tortures Azerbaijani family in Georgia - PHOTOSESSION

Armed gang attacks and tortures Azerbaijani family in Georgia - <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 25 October 2012 00:05 (UTC +04:00)
The members of one family - Yasin Shirinov, his wife Nargul Shirinova, their son Azer Shirinov, daughter-in-law Khayala Shirinnova and two children were tortured by the gang members.

According to Yasin Shirinov the gang burst into the house and hit him with a butt of the rifle and closed his hands and mouth. “Then they hit my wife’s head with a butt of rifle, it started bleeding. They wrapped her into a blanket and lay her down near me. They also beat my son in the other room. The unidentified gang members pulled my daughter-in-law by the hair and asked the place of money at home. They were not talking in Georgian. One of them was speaking an Armenian dialect. The masked gang members took about 400 GEL, 3 gold chain necklaces, 4 gold rings and 3 gold earrings. As my son’s mouth was filled with blood, the tape, with which his mouth was bound, came loose, he unlocked the windows with his mouth and called neighbors for the help”, said Yasin Shirinov.
Azer Shirinov also complained that the staff of the hospital didn’t give them enough attention. “The hospital even didn’t stitch my mother’s wound on her head”, said Azer Shirinov.
The police started investigation on the fact and they have already interrogated some people including family members. Police detective David Kapanadze told APA that this crime will be solved within a week.
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