Suicide bomber, who struck U.S. military base in Afghanistan, is Azerbaijani citizen – EXCLUSIVE – VIDEO

Suicide bomber, who struck U.S. military base in Afghanistan, is Azerbaijani citizen – <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE – VIDEO</font>
# 13 October 2012 09:14 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Hafiz Heydarov – APA. It has been found out that the suicide bomber, who struck the U.S. military base in Afghanistan, is a citizen of Azerbaijan. APA reports that it was known that the suicide bomber called Abu-Omar Lezgi was from the northern part of Azerbaijan. The suicide bomber has been already identified – his name is Orkhan Fariz Nazarov, 26.

It has been specified that he left for Afghanistan a few years ago, joined the radical religious groups, fought against coalition forces and struck the U.S military base in 2008.

A few days ago, APA released video showing a suicide bomber speaking in Azerbaijani striking the military base of international coalition forces in Afghanistan. The video shows how the bomber called Abu-Omar Lezgi struck the US military base in Afghanistan.

The incident happened on 21 November, 2008. The mujahid Abu Omar Lezgi drives his truck with 3 tones of explosive near the military base located in Host province of Afghanistan and detonates it. The terrorist and at least 40 US servicemen died as a result of the explosion.

Mujahedeen filmed every minute of this explosion and the incidents that happened before the explosion. The video shows the preparation of a bomb by the mujahid, who spoke in Azerbaijani with dialect, the identification of the place of military base belonging to the coalition forces and his parting with his other fellows before making the explosion. In the video, the mujahid speaking in Azerbaijani announced that he struggled for Islam and he declared holy war against the US forces.

The mujahid’s real name and nationality were not mentioned in the video. It is unknown whether he is a citizen of Azerbaijan, Russian Federation (south region) or Iran. According to the previous information, after being trained in the special camps in Iran such mujahedeen are sent to Afghanistan and Pakistan for struggling against coalition forces.