Crisis center created in Bahramtapa settlement of Imishli region due to flood disaster

Crisis center created in Bahramtapa settlement of Imishli region due to flood disaster
# 21 May 2010 15:50 (UTC +04:00)
Interior Minister Ramil Usubov, chaIrman of the Melioration and Water Facility Company Ahmad Ahmadzadeh are at the crisis center now.

Ahmadzadeh told journalists that the situation was critical. To him, water flow in Kura is 2500 cubic meters per second: “The scale shows 950. Measures are being taken. There has never been water flow in Kura more than 1600 cubic meters. We are taking measures for distribution the water with less sedition”.

Ahmadzadeh also noted that the process of clearing the delta of the Kura from silt was being continued: “It also shows the influence”.

Ahmadzadeh said that water flow in Araz is 1200 cubic meters per second: “Within last 15 days Araz has distributed 850-1200 cubic meters water. The distribution may be more than it. If it so, appropriate measures will be taken. Araz will be directed to its former beds. They will begin the work today. There is possibility to do it in a short time. If water level reaches the crisis level, we will try to direct Araz so that then we may distribute it with Iran”.

Interior Minister Ramil Usubov also told journalists that Araz would be directed to other directions within next two days.

The minister noted that according to order of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, representatives of all related bodies responsible for elimination the results of the disaster were at the site.

To him, currently, about 2000 forces of Interior Troops and police officers are participating in the process of elimination the results of the disaster in Imishli, Sabirabad, Saatli and Hajigabul regions.

Note that, crisis center functions in Bahramli settlement of Shirvan City too.