Putin: After the Prague and Brussels agreements, anti-terrorist measures in Garabagh were inevitable

Russian President Vladimir Putin

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# 05 October 2023 20:01 (UTC +04:00)

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the local anti-terrorist measures held by Azerbaijan in Garabagh on September 19. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the plenary session of the Valday International Discussion Club, APA's Moscow correspondent reports.

According to him, what happened after the agreements reached in Prague and Brussels was inevitable: "That's why Mr. Michel and his colleagues should have thought about this when they persuaded Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan to take such a step, they should have thought about the fate of Garabagh Armenians. At least they should have mentioned something, what awaits them (Armenians of Garabagh -ed.) in this situation, in the integration of Garabagh into the state of Azerbaijan, how their security and rights will be ensured... But there is nothing there. The statement states that Garabagh is an integral part of Azerbaijan. Thats it. What should we do? If Armenia itself made such a decision... What did we do? We used what we had in the legal sense to ensure the humanitarian situation. As you know, our people died there. By the way, when defending Garabagh Armenians, our peacekeepers... We provided them with humanitarian and medical aid. We got them out. Let our European colleagues at least send humanitarian aid to the unfortunate people. I think they will. However, it is necessary to think about their fate in the long term. We support Armenians leaving Garabagh. Armenia continues to be our ally," Putin said.