What impacts will the suspension of the Gabala RS have on the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia? - SURVEY

What impacts will the suspension of the Gabala RS have on the relations between Azerbaijan and Russia?  - <span style="color: red;">SURVEY
# 10 December 2012 18:26 (UTC +04:00)

Bakı Rashad Suleymanov. Anakanim Hidayatova-APA. How will it be reflected on relations between two countries? APA conducted survey on this question.

Member of Milli Majlis’ Defense Committee Zahid Oruj estimated current situation over the Gabala RS to APA.

MP noted that official Baku protected the national interests of Azerbaijan fully. Rent fee of the station and Baku’s proposal were grounded with all the parameters.

“I think Russian military circles first will try to use this issue against Azerbaijan. From other side Armenia will use it against Azerbaijan.”

According to the MP, there is no need for the exaggeration of the situation and to accept Russia’s decision on a suspension as a “military ultimatum” against Azerbaijan. “I guess this issue will not harm military relations between two states. Relations between two states will develop in other fields at a higher level,” said Azerbaijani parliamentarian.

“I think there was no need to strain the relations, a compromise would be possible”, Russian politician Sergei Mikheyev told APA.

He noted suspension of the exploitation will not lead serious problems for Russia. ”We had a similar situation with Ukraine. We have found alternative with Georgia as well. Of course, we needed time, money and an effort to this alternative but we could find substitute. But unfortunately, it caused certain harm to relations. But it was not fatal, the developments cannot worsen situation radically.

Former Defense Minister of Azerbaijan, Major-General in reserve Dadash Rzayev told APA that the suspension of functioning of the Gabala Radar Station by Russia will not have any negative impact on bilateral military and military-technical relations. According to the former minister, the Gabala Radar Station is just one component of the military relations: "Azerbaijan and Russia military and military-technical relations are at a high level. Russia currently is carrying out large military orders of Azerbaijan. "

Major-General stressed that the amount proposed by Azerbaijan, for operation of the Gabala Radar Station can not be considered a large amount for a country like Russia, "Azerbaijan grounds these proposals while submitting"