Azerbaijani NGOs chiefs say inclusion of Azerbaijan into high risk countries list by US Department of State is biased - POLL

Azerbaijani NGOs chiefs say inclusion of Azerbaijan into high risk countries list by US Department of State is biased - <span style="color: red;">POLL
# 29 December 2012 15:45 (UTC +04:00)

APA reports that Azerbaijan is mentioned along with the dangerious countries like Afghanistan, Sudan, Libya.

Commenting on the issue, Azerbaijani experts said it did not reflect the reality.

President of the Constitutional Studies Center Alimammad Nuriyev told APA that the countries, which are located in the hot spots, where there is armed confrontation, instability, organized gangs are functioning openly, there are threats to foreigners, their safety and property, can be considered high risk countries. Alimammad Nuriyev considers that some political, economic and financial institutions attempt to take such steps using foreign media, since their interests were not ensured in Azerbaijan.

Chairperson of Azerbaijani Youth European Integration Organization Gulsel Safarova said as the world's attention was focused on Azerbaijan in 2012, some forces were obliged to take such steps. Such slanderous reports are spread everytime Azerbaijan makes great achievement.

We witnessed this when the country was elected as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council and on the eve of the Eurovision song contest. The next is the European Games. Again the same position and biased information.

The head of the organization also noted that there were many foreign companies in the country and a lot of tourists came every year: “Azerbaijan held several international events in 2012 and no terrorist act was committed. How is the situation in the West? Everybody is aware of events in Norway, France, including recent incident in the US. Why were the above-mentioned countries not included into these risk groups?”

President of National NGO Forum Rauf Zeyni told APA that his forum that brings together more than 600 NGOs considered such reports as a biased attitude towards Azerbaijan. According to him, Azerbaijan’s inclusion in the list along with the countries such as Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan demonstrates double standards. He also added that due to the double standards, Armenia, which caused the conflict in the region, does not fall under this list.