Azerbaijan’s cultural places to end summer season in July

Azerbaijan’s cultural places to end summer season in July
# 18 June 2007 15:53 (UTC +04:00)
Cultural places of Azerbaijan will end summer season in July, Azerbaijan State Academic National Drama Theatre told the APA.
This theatre will end its summer season on July 15, 2007. “Khurshudbanu Natavan” will be the final performance of the theatre. The building of the theatre will be thoroughly repaired after the season ends. The creative group of the theatre will go on tour within this period.
Azerbaijan State Philharmony named after Muslum Magomayev will go on vacation on July 15. Iravan State Theatre named after Jafar Jabbarli will end its season in the building of the other theatre as it has no building yet. The last performance of the creative group will be in Imishli region.
State Yugh Theatre planning to end its season on June 30, will demonstrate “Tas” (Basin) performance that day.
The final performance of Ibrus Theatre will be demonstrated on June 27. This will be “Odinokiy golos”.
Baku Municipal Theatre is planning to end the season in mid July, but it has not yet defined what performance it will be.
Azerbaijan State Young Spectators Theatre will sum up the season with the performance “Yagish, yagmur and daldan atilan dash topuga deyer” by Najaf bay Vazirov on July 22. The premier of the spectacle will be on September 29, in the opening of the season.
Russian State Drama Theatre named after Samad Vurgun will demonstrated musical spectacle “Sevgi virusu” (love virus) on July 15 and end the season. The actors of the theatre and participants of “Academy” musical competition will perform it.
Shusha State Musical Drama Theatre intends to end the season by the performance “Shot monuments” by Huseynbala Miralamov on July 15. Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre has already ended its summer season.
The last performance was two-act ballets “Don-kikhot” by Gara Garayev and “Trip to Caucasus” by Agshin Alizadeh.
All the theaters are planning to open new season after September 15. /APA/