Strasbourg hosts panel entitled “Network Building and New Ways of Representing Azerbaijan”

Strasbourg hosts panel entitled “Network Building and New Ways of Representing Azerbaijan”
# 12 March 2011 15:36 (UTC +04:00)
APA’s Strasbourg bureau reports that, head of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, MP Samad Seyidov attended the panel entitled “Network Building and New Ways of Representing Azerbaijan” moderated by Nijat Mammadov.

Seyidov spoke about the development of information technologies in the global world, the means of network building. He said that Diaspora, especially the students studying abroad, as well as media play the main role on the spreading of information belonging to the country. He spoke about the importance of lobby activity on Azerbaijan’s international image and informed about the activity of the European Azerbaijan Society. He also underlined the importance of information exchange, the necessity of modern man’s appropriation foreign and native languages as well information technologies.

Chairman of the European Azerbaijan Society (EAC) Tale Heydarov informed about the activity of the organization. He said that the purpose of the organization is to introduce Azerbaijan in Europe and inform about Ngorno Karabakh conflict. Heydarov said that EAS have offices in London, Brussels and Berlin.

Heydarov noted the EAS’s active work the members of Azerbaijan group in the Great Britain’s parliament, the organization of their visit to Azerbaijan.

He said that one of the main problems were the representation in the European media.

Heydarov saId that EAS printed the books, and its magazine edition.

APA’s General Director Vusala Mahirgizi spoke about new media, the relations of Azerbaijani media with the world media. She said that one of the problems were to work with international media and representation in the international media: “the main way of Azerbaijan’s exit to the world is the internet media. Because the local media is functioning only in Azerbaijani language. That’s why we must pay attention to the media organizations which function in internet and in foreign languages”

Mahirgizi said that Azerbaijan’s representation in the international media was very important: “The role of our students studying abroad is very important. You have the chance to practice in those media organizations, and continue activity staying there.”

Director of Communications at Central Bank of Azerbaijan Rufat Abbasov spoke about the role of social networks in the establishment of country’s PR. He said that the social networks create opportunity to establish more effective PR with less allocation: “creating relevant fan pages, portals in such social networks as “Facebook”, “Twitter” we can propagandize our country and hold relevant actions.

ASAIF’s cofounder Rufat Azizov spoke about the ASAIF’s work with media. He said that they try to feed media the professional information. He also informed about ASAIF’s activity in the social networks.
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