Parliamentarian Ganira Pashayeva meets with Pakistan’s ambassador to Azerbaijan

Parliamentarian Ganira Pashayeva meets with Pakistan’s ambassador to Azerbaijan
# 18 August 2010 11:58 (UTC +04:00)
Ganira Pashayeva offered her condolences to the ambassador over the deadly flooding in Pakistan. Ganira Pashayeva said she had been to Pakistan when she was a journalist, she witnessed the warm attitude of the people of Pakistan towards Azerbaijan, Pakistan was always distinguished by friendship towards Azerbaijan, supported Azerbaijan’s just position over Nagorno Karabakh conflict.
“Azerbaijan also supports Pakistan as a friendly and brotherly country, Azerbaijan was one of the first countries to offer aid to Pakistan under the executive order of President Ilham Aliyev. This step of Mr. President is a splendid example for our citizens,” she said.
Mentioning Pakistani embassy’s appeal to the Azerbaijanis, Ganira Pashayeva said one of the biggest meanings of the holy Ramadan was to help the needy people. The parliamentarian expressed her confidence that each sensitive Azerbaijani would do his best to millions of Muslims suffering from flooding in Pakistan.

Ganira Pashayeva noted that 20 million people had suffered from the flooding in Pakistan, the flooding had killed over 2000 people, about 7000 villages had been flooded, the country’s property and physical infrastructure had been damaged.

“UN called this disaster more catastrophic than 2004 tsunami and recent earthquakes in the United States. The international health institutions alarm that 300 000 people in Pakistan are threatened buy cholera epidemic. Every sensible Azerbaijani should do best to help our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. May some one think that what can the people’s few donations do? But if thousands of Azerbaijanis do that it will be huge support”.

Member of the Azerbaijan-Pakistan friendship group, MP Ganira Pashayeva called also on the Azerbaijanis living abroad and all Turks around the world to support friendly Pakistan.

The member of the parliament donated a part of her salary to the fund of assistance to Pakistan.

Ambassador Abdul Hameed highly appreciated the assistance of Azerbaijan to Pakistan by the President Ilham Aliyev’s order and thanked for that. The ambassador said he believed that the Azerbaijani citizens and business people would sensibly accept the embassy’s call.

The embassy of Pakistan addressed the business people, trade institutions, as well as Azerbaijani citizens to help their brothers in difficult situation. Pakistan National Bank’s Baku branch opened account No 4501000000203000 at Istiglaliyyet Street 41, Tel: 4371642, 4371643.