Sergey Sokolov: Shahin Diniyev and Azerbaijani national football team members help me with the money

Sergey Sokolov: Shahin Diniyev and Azerbaijani national football team members help me with the money
# 26 September 2007 13:02 (UTC +04:00)
- As I know you are competing in the amateurish league of Russia following UEFA ban. What club are you competing for?
- I compete for amateurish club. I attend the training regularly and improve physical fitness. I have to be satisfied with amateurish football. I competed for Armavir’s Torpedo club. I left this team too.
- Does Torpedo compete in the amateurish league?
- Yes. It does
- What was the reason for the ban?
- I do not know. I was imposed ban. I think there are people who do not like me. I have found new club ”FC Stavropol”. This club is attending the championship of Krasnodar
- How do you feel yourself in the amateurish club after you played in the European tournaments for the national club of Azerbaijan?
- Not well. But I should take steps. I think that things will get improved gradually.
- Your ban expires in April 2008…
- Yes. It is right
- Will you return to Azerbaijan?
- I can not say anything. I did not receive proposal.
- Would you compete for the national team of Azerbaijan again?
- I can not answer this question now
- Do you think your team will get interested in you in future?
- I do not know. If they offer me I will be glad
- Your ban will turn one year in October. You have been staying out of professional football. Dou you consider yourself guilty?
- I was not guilty. I know it very well. I think God will punish those who played a joke on me.
- It is difficult for amateurish footballers to earn money. How is your situation in the field of finance?
- I do not make money in amateurish football. My only support is from Shahin Diniyev and my former mates. He always assists me. I live on my former team’s money now.
- Did you get 1500 USD from Azerbaijan team after the match against Georgia on September 12?
- Yes I did
- You also received money from the match against Tajikistan on August 22
- Yes. I did. They send me money regularly. I express me deepest thanks to them.
- Do you get money every month or after every match?
- Only during the matches.
- Did you watch the matches of the national team?
- No. I did not. I read newspapers and use internet
- Did you watch it on TV?
- No. I did not. We are not able to watch AZTV. Despite I know that the team of Azerbaijan will meet Portugal team on October 13. /APA-Sport/