Romanian PM sent to court on corruption charges

Romanian PM sent to court on corruption charges
# 17 September 2015 18:43 (UTC +04:00)
According to the DNA, Ponta was being tried over 17 counts of forgery of documents under private signature, complicity to continued tax evasion and money laundering while at Ponta Victor-Viorel individual law firm.
Ponta was sent to court with four other people who were all involved in the case of Turceni and Rovinari energy complexes, said a DNA release.
There was no immediate reaction from the prime minister, as he was at a meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defense, which was tackling topics including possible measures for managing the situation created by migrants who have reached Europe.
Later, Ponta wrote in his Facebook post that "the country's only problem was the obsession of a totally unprofessional prosecutor eager to prove himself in his profession, by making up and imagining untrue facts and circumstances of 10 years ago."
President Klaus Iohannis commented on the indictment, saying he appreciated the situation was "increasingly difficult" for the prime minister, the government, and the ruling Social Democrat Party, while at the same time Romania's image was harmed.
"My opinion is unchanged, the simplest solution would definitely be the one I proposed in June," said the president, referring to the request he made for Ponta's resignation the very day when DNA opened a criminal investigation against the incumbent prime minister.
In June 5, the DNA opened a criminal investigation against Ponta, who allegedly received unjustifiable payments and benefits from the legal firm of fellow Social Democrat Senator Dan Sova, when they were both lawyers.
The case put the young prime minister in an awkward situation, and the opposition has been stepping up attacks against him, calling for his resignation.
In mid August, Ponta announced he would suspend himself from all his leading positions in the ruling Social Democrat Party, but explicitly asserted he was not stepping down from the office of prime minister.