Transportation of grain in the Black Sea will begin in the next few days: Ibrahim Kalın

Ibrahim Kalın, spokesman of the Turkish President

© APA | Ibrahim Kalın, spokesman of the Turkish President

# 22 July 2022 22:04 (UTC +04:00)

"Grain transportation agreement" is Turkey's diplomatic success," the spokesman of the Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalın, said this in his statement to "A-Haber", APA reports.

He noted that the issue here is not only grain transportation. People are dying, houses are falling in Ukraine:

"This should be prevented. We will continue this balanced policy at a consistent pace."

Kalin said that the ships will start shipping in the next few days.

"But it depends on the preparation of the countries. We are ready, the throats are ready. There is no embargo on grain products of Russia. However, Russia did not take them out of the Black Sea for 3-4 months because it thought that an embargo would be applied to its ships. The way was opened with this agreement. The Ukrainian side will open 3 corridors in the direction of Odessa port. In the coming days, there will be serious activity in the Black Sea in this sense. The food crisis in the world will end," he said.

The spokesman of the President of Turkey noted that the most serious peace talks were held in Turkey in the war that has been going on for almost 5 months, and he hoped that other countries would join this process and understand how important Turkey is.