Emmanuel Macron accuses Russia of feeding disinformation in Africa

Emmanuel Macron, President of France

© APA | Emmanuel Macron, President of France

# 21 November 2022 09:32 (UTC +04:00)

Emmanuel Macron has accused Russia of feeding disinformation to further its “predatory project” in Africa, where France has had military setbacks.

In an interview with TV5 Monde on the sidelines of a conference of Francophone nations in Tunisia, he said there was a “predatory project” pushing disinformation into African countries, which was “a political project financed by Russia, sometimes others.”

“A number of powers, who want to spread their influence in Africa, are doing this to hurt France, hurt its language, sow doubts, but above all pursue certain interests,” the French president said.

Earlier this month, Macron formally announced the withdrawal of French troops from Mali, ending an eight-year counter-terrorism mission in the west African country.

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