Bill Gates proposed to create an organization to predict new pandemics

Bill Gates

© APA | Bill Gates

# 02 May 2022 02:21 (UTC +04:00)

It is necessary to create an organization of international experts that could identify new pandemics, said Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, entrepreneur and philanthropist in a interview with the Financial Times, APA reports.

The billionaire said that he expects to see various specialists in such an organization - from epidemiologists to technology developers. The organization itself, according to Gates, should be managed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He also said that much more investment is needed "on behalf of the citizens of the world" to prevent a new pandemic.

Gates previously warned of the risk of a "worst" strain of the coronavirus.

Gates also spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic could have passed with the active development of pharmacology. In particular, the entrepreneur announced the need to create special “libraries” of drug compounds to test the effectiveness of existing treatments against new pathogens, research in the field of innate immunity activation, as well as investments in AI technologies.

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