Death toll at German Love Parade stampede reaches 15

Death toll at German Love Parade stampede reaches 15
# 24 July 2010 20:12 (UTC +04:00)
Earlier media reported about 10 victims and 15 injured.
The panic occurred near the southern entrance to the area of the parade when the authorities tried to stop several people from entering to the territory of the festival.
The witnesses said they had warned the police about the risk of the crowd half an hour before the tragedy had occurred.
At the moment policemen urge people still arriving at the Love Parade to go back.
The organizers of the festival said about 1.4 million people took part in the parade this year.
Love Parade is an annual techno music festival that was originated in 1989, four months after the demolition of the Berlin wall.
Each year it gathers the increasing number of techno music fans. The Love Parade is considered to be one of the loudest festivals due to the special water-cooled sound equipment producing extremely loud sounds.
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