Big fires rage in Greece

Big fires rage in Greece
# 24 August 2009 09:31 (UTC +04:00)
Baku-APA-Economics. Six big fires near the Greek capital Athens are still out of control and strong winds are making the flames hard to contain, BBC reported.
Thousands of people have spent the night away from home as the fires closed in on homes there.
Although the wind dropped a little on Sunday night, officials warn the flames are still spreading.
The fires have already destroyed many homes and buildings just north of the city.
More than 90 small fires are thought to have started since Saturday. No-one has been killed by the blazes so far.
Emergency services are trying to get many people are possible away from danger. In areas at risk from flames, police are using loudspeakers to tell people to evacuate their homes, but some have refused to leave.
Helicopters and planes have been used to drop water onto the fires, and countries including France, Italy and Cyprus have stepped in to help.
Fires aren’t unusual at this time of year in Greece because it is often very hot, dry and windy there in the summer.
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