Serdar Jalaloglu: We will prefer solving the problems with authorities

Serdar Jalaloglu: We will prefer solving the problems with authorities
# 29 May 2007 12:31 (UTC +04:00)
He said that 282 out of 300 congress representatives attended the congress and serious decisions were made there.
Jalaloglu said ADP officialized the decision passed on constructivism and political dialogue on January 27 this year. He said that it laid the foundation of new platform in Azerbaijan’s policy.
“It was a very important step from the aspect of democratization. We will achieve constructive opposition turn into political platform,” he said.
Jalaloglu considers that strong opposition will not have conflict with them, loyal and radical opposition will demonstrate tolerance.
“The only different point of this course is that there are tendencies for joint activity with the authorities in the solution of some problems. We will prefer solving the problems with the authorities. We will at the same time demonstrate strict position and continue our struggle. Political enlightenment is very weak in Azerbaijan and a lot of people substitute constructivism by betrayal,” he said.
Serdar Jalaloglu said that the separation within the party did not cause problems for the party, on the contrary its activity became more active.
“The opposite side spread reports that some organizations support them. But the congress proved that these are not true. ADP is still strong. There were more improvements in the congress than in the previous ones,” he said.
Jalaloglu said they will prepare congress documents and present to Justice Ministry. /APA/