General Lieutenant Yashar Damirbulak: Azerbaijan has to decide on starting military operations for Karabakh

General Lieutenant Yashar Damirbulak: Azerbaijan has to decide on starting military operations for Karabakh
# 25 May 2007 16:25 (UTC +04:00)
He also reminded that the US was against Turkish Army’s carrying out operations in northern Iraq.
“The US is controlling all these processes, this country does favor Turkey’s operations in northern Iraq. The US’s condition is bad in other regions of Iraq. America’s role is great in the reviving of PKK terrorist organization. Washington promised Kurds to help establish a state in northern Iraq. Kurds are key ally of the US in the region. Therefore, the US does not want PKK terrorist organization to be stricked,” Turkish General said.
Yashar Damirbulak refuted the report which says Prime Minister Erdogan’s demand to start military operations in northern Iraq was initiated by the Army.
“Prime Minister delivers messages to the Army to introduce concrete plans and take all necessary measures. Can you imagine such government? Army has already commented on these claims. Whatever happens, Erdogan says the Army is related to him. Why organizations obeying to you should demand anything of you? These issues were debated for several times in the National Security Council. It seems, we will continue to loose our soldiers.
The Government’s current messages are investments regarding elections. Such problems can not be solved with media. If Erdogan’s intention is serious, extraordinary meeting of National Security Council should be held and the issue should be debated there. Prime Minister Erdogan’s opinions are nonsense. Armed Forces Staff can not require anything from the government. We know where C-4 bombs have been brought to northern Iraq,” he said.
Damirbulak saying that he actively participated in the building of Azerbaijani Army for a long time stated that there is not peaceful solution to the Nagorno Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan.
If Azerbaijan intends to solve the problem through the mediation of international organizations, it should think over it. Azerbaijan lost those regions as a result of treachery inside. Therefore, Azerbaijan can only liberate Armenian-occupied regions by its own force. OSCE, UN or any foreign organization can do nothing for it. Everybody should remember that one million refugees and internally displaced persons are living in Azerbaijan. If Azerbaijan makes a decision on starting military operations for liberating its regions, it can liberate them,” he said.
General Lieutenant Yashar Damirbulak is of Azerbaijani descent. His ancestors had to escape to Kars, Turkey because of Armenian torture. Damirbulak took an active part in Army building in Azerbaijan in the early stage and was Abulfaz Elchibay’s military counsellor during his presidency. /APA/