Israeli Parliament marks Azerbaijan Republic Day

Israeli Parliament marks Azerbaijan Republic Day
# 25 May 2007 12:59 (UTC +04:00)
Israeli Knesset’s speaker and acting Israeli President Dalia Itzik made an opening speech at the ceremony organized by newly-established Israeli-Azerbaijan International Association. She praised Azerbaijan-Israel relations and stated that those moved from Azerbaijan have made significant contributions to the development of the Israeli society.
“It is estimable that though immigrants from Azerbaijan, who have been living in Israel for 10-15 years, are Israeli by origin, they do not forget the history, culture, traditions of Azerbaijan. Israeli Knesset is your house, you always welcome,” she said.
President of Israeli-Azerbaijan International Association, Israeli Knesset member, Israeli-Azerbaijan Interparliamentary Friendship Group’s Chairman Iosif Shagal said that Azerbaijani Republic Day is marked in Knesset for the first time.
“I could never believe that I will be Knesset member while leaving Azerbaijan 17 years ago and celebrate Azerbaijan Republic Day,” he said.
Mr.Shagal also informed about his recent visit to the US together with Israeli Ambassador to Azerbaijan Arthur Lenk and chairman of the State Committee for Azerbaijanis Living Abroad Nazim Ibrahimov. He also said that they met representatives of Jewish lobbies and debated mutual cooperation issues.
Mr.Shagal congratulated Azerbaijani people on the holiday at the end of his speech.
Expert on international relations Arie Gut spoke about the role of Azerbaijan in the South Caucasus region. He stressed that after achieving independence, Azerbaijan lived hard times, had to suffer war started by Armenians, lost 20 percent of its territories, 1 million people of Azerbaijan have became refugees and internally displaced persons.
The expert said that the South Caucasus and Central Asia are the regions where the interests of US and its allies collide with those of Russia, Iran, China.
Gut also analyzed Azerbaijan’s relations with US, Russia, Turkey and Iran.
The representatives of “Our house-Israel” Party Robert Ilatov and Alex Miller, Turkish Ambassador to Israel Namig Tan, Georgian Ambassador to Israel Lasha Jvanya also congratulated the Azerbaijani nation. Azerbaijani MPs Lala Abbasova and Safar Mammadov addressing the event stressed the necessity of deepening of bilateral relations between Israel and Azerbaijan. /APA/
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