Siyavush Novruzov: “91s” is remembered when one is dismissed from his post

Siyavush Novruzov: “91s” is remembered when one is dismissed from his post
# 26 April 2007 13:56 (UTC +04:00)
Siyavush Novruzov, deputy executive secretary of ruling YAP has been interviewed by the APA

- YAP former members make severe statements against the party leadership recently. Press writes that such statements will continue…
- YAP is a progressive party, freedom of opinion and expression is always respected here. Sometimes there are rumors about the party in the press. But YAP is monolith party, and there is democracy and discipline here. Every problem is solved in the framework of regulations. Reforms are being carried out in the party. The people criticizing the party leadership remained in the past. The party has expressed its opinion about it, Managing Board and Political Board have decision concerning them. Ali Insanov committed crimes and it was proved by the court. The aim of such persons is to misappropriate people’s wealth. Political Board made a concrete decision about Sirus Tebrizli. Such cases are not expected in YAP. The party pays special attention to the opinion of its members. Those who commit crimes should be held accountable.
- You say that there are no revolutionary conditions in YAP?
- Actually, there has a never been revolutionary condition in YAP. People change, they have different opinion. There are no such people in YAP at present.
- Were the activities of former YAP members Ali Insanov and Sirus Tebrizli against the party, or was it revealed during the recent processes?
- They did not have any activities in the part. They did not attend the party meetings regularly. Sirus Tebrizli did not participate in a meeting for more than two years. Ali Insanov just attended the meetings but had no activity.
- But decision on Sirus Tebrizli’s dismissal from the party is regarded as violation of freedom of opinion…
- The problem has already been solved. The activity of YAP member is determined in the 6th paragraph of the regulations. The party member has to attend the meeting, pay membership fees and don’t have to make statement against the party’s policy. There are extra duties. Sirus Tebrizli violated all these rules. Therefore the decision should not be regarded as violation of freedom of opinion. Unlike other parties, we always respect freedom of opinion.
- One of the debatable problems of what Ali Insanov said was about his financing YAP. The party refuted this. But Ali Insanov was appointed minister as he was the party member. Why could not he finance the party being the member of YAP?
- Ali Insanov never financed YAP, he even did not pay membership fees for a long time. YAP’s financial source is transparent. We publicize our financial sources once a year. On the other hand, all our financial process is carried out through bank operations. First organization gathers membership fees and transfers it to the account of region organization. So, one cannot say that he financed YAP. He wants to divert the society’s attention from the money he stole and kept in foreign banks, illegally privatized establishments.
- Trial of former economic development minister Ferhad Aliyev starts next month. Do you expect him to make the similar statements?
- He faced charges on concrete crimes. Ferhad Aliyev has to comment on the cases he is accused of. I think that show is useless in the court. He will possibly make such shows. But it is useless. Ali Insanov says that he used to make critical speeches at the meetings of the Managing Board. But it is not true. He only praised president, his policy. There are records of the meetings of Managing Board and Political Board. We can publicize them.
- How do you estimate the opposition’s supporting the arrested ministers?
- It is connected with finance. Opposition parties and press always wrote against Ali Insanov. Today the opposition supports Ali Insanov for their interests. Rights defense organizations have the same interests. But they forget that Ali Insanov insulted them, their parents and relatives.
- There is a problem of the “91s” in YAP and this is in the center of attention of press…
- There is no such a problem in YAP, the case is exaggerated. The “91s” are remembered when one is dismissed from his post. Ali Insanov remembered that he is one of the “91s” when he was held accountable. National leader Heydar Aliyev always paid special attention to the “91s”. They were rectors, deans, parliamentarians and ministers. Two Baku mayors were “91s”.
- Not only press but also the “91s” themselves make critical statements.
- They are people dismissed from their posts. One of them is Ali Insanov. He had been minister for 12 years. Did he help any of these people? He makes such statements only after he was arrested.
- Ali Alirzayev also makes such statements. He thinks that there is a campaign against the “91s” in YAP.
- There is no campaign against the “91s”. Some of them are in YAP headquarters. We can not force the voters to elect the “91s”. If he is not elected, it does not mean that the party is indifferent towards him.
- Is it possible to say that those who are ignored are to blame for that?
- No one is ignored. All of the “91s” participate in processes. Only those who were dismissed from YAP by the party’s decision or who are in prison for committing crimes are ignored. /APA/