Rasul Guliyev: The opposition parties seem to have no future prospect

Rasul Guliyev: The opposition parties seem to have no future prospect
# 20 April 2007 14:08 (UTC +04:00)
- How will the political course of Rasul Guliyev, leader of Open Society Party differ from that of Rasul Guliyev, chairman of Azerbaijan Democrat Party (ADP)?
- Changing the name of the party does not mean changing its political course. The political course is to continue fight until democracy wins and to achieve it soon. The aim has not changed.
- How will the relations be between OSP and other opposition parties? What kind of joint activity of opposition do you support?
- We will operate in two directions. First of all, to hold a national forum of all parties, intelligentsia and public organizations in Azerbaijan, to draw up a document that will be supported by the majority and draw attention of foreign countries and international organizations. I see no reason why great parties do not want dialogue with little and pro-government parties. If the situation does not change, the results of 2008 and following years will be same for all the parties. The session of the Council of Europe showed that we have to do it. Besides, OSP intends to sign bilateral agreements with all parties. Do not doubt that the terms of these agreements will be real and concrete enough.
- There are reports that OSP’s congress was not democratic. They say the candidates you nominated were elected to the party leadership and they had no alternatives. Can the elections held without alternatives be regarded as democratic?
- I am always against the elections without alternatives. I advised to hold elections basing on alternative principles. The members of the congress choose three organs – leader, members of Supreme Assembly and Central Inspection Committee. I did not participate in these elections, wanted the representatives to be free. I especially wanted alternative in choosing leader, I even tried to persuade some men. May be nobody wanted to participate in artificial show. I can say nothing about the other elections. But be sure that there was no pressure. As to the Managing Board, I had to nominate my candidacy to its membership and it is normal. It is executive body and leader has to form it. But it does not mean that I have not consulted with anybody. I have not talked to the men whose candidacy I will nominate. But I talked to several members of the party who have unbiased position. There are famous persons who carried out economic reforms in the history of Russia – Sergey Vitte. He was appointed minister at the end of the 19th century. Tsar Alexander had met with three candidates to this post and asked “Who will be your first deputy if you are appointed minister?” All of them named Vitte. The next day Tsar appointed Vitte minister. I did not name Akif Shahbazov, I only said “Who would you like to be chief?” I stopped in the candidacy of Akif Shahbazov due to the responses.
- What is your approach towards Aydin Guliyev’s non-presentation in Party? It is said he is dissatisfied with the results of the congress…
- Aydin Guliyev has been appointed councilor of the leader and his position’s status is higher than the status of deputy chief. I estimate him as brave, clever, stable and man faithful to democracy. Therefore, I prevented the campaign of defamation against him. He can be satisfied with some momentums, but such dissatisfactions seldom occur in any work.
- Are you sure that OSP’s leadership’s attitude to you will not be similar to the attitude of ADP leadership like Serdar Jalaloglu?
- There is always dissatisfaction in policy, it is possible. This depends on assement of the situation and making decisions. If the matter is in ethics, I can assure you that no one in our party and in other parties can do such immoral acts.
- Do you think of returning to Azadliq alliance again?
- We have no any intention to enter either Azadliq, or any other groups. We will try to have similar position. There can not be any unity if we do not achieve it. But we will try to negotiate with ALP and APFP separately. Though once Azadliq alliance’s chiefs could not appreciate the meeting, we can not give way to partnership with the alliance. Alliance is our partner in the struggle against democracy and it will remain such.
- What plans do you have on presidential elections to be held in 2008 and will you try again to return to Azerbaijan by that time?
- I have never paused to my effort to return to Azerbaijan. My plans aim at the establishment of free election condition through nation’s activity and pressure of international organizations.
- Do you want to be the united opposition and if you will be the candidate can you achieve efficient results?
- It will be unserious to take measures at present time. If there is not any condition for free elections, we can not speak of election. All should boycott elections in such case.
- Some politicians say that Rasul Guliyev is not a strong figure in political stage. And what are your comments?
- The question who is strong figure in policy is very complicated and relative question. Everything can be objectively estimated in this life. People who say it should say that someone is strong figure in political stage and Rasul Guliyev is not strong figure in comparison with them. Azerbaijan TV always shows flat shows. It will be good if they called themselves strong figure and make people laugh. We heard more opinions “You are not strong politician”. I am sure that they do not know difference between politician and those who deal with politics. Saying different democratic slogans is not to be a politician. For example all say that Azerbaijan needs democratic reforms, but most of them do not know that it is to accept 15 fundamental laws and establishment of directions for ensuring the implementation of hundreds laws.
- Several accusations addressed on you for not returning to Azerbaijan. What prevents you from returning to Baku at the moment?
- Even now I am sure that if I do not return it is impossible to do anything there. Despite the objective reason of my not returning to Azerbaijan this damaged my image enough. Do you think that I was not aware of the consequences of my not returning?. But then how it happened that I took this step as a skilled man. I did it because the situation in the country made me to take this step. It is said that Rasul Guliyev pretends himself as sufferer as it is useful for him. He do not want to com to Azerbaijan…. One can be at loss from that illogical view. One should have motivation in his actions. I wonder what their motivation for this step is. Why do I need to pretend myself as sufferer? I do not want to be a prophet
- What do you so for current opposition parties in perspective?
- If it goes so no perspective I see for them.
- In one of your previous interviews you promised to give details of financial aid you provided for opposition. Could you tell about it?
- I changed my decision. I think if people do not shame for their steps no explanation can help them.
- What is your attitude towards dialogue with the authorities and cooperation in some issues?
- I stay on my past views. I can not add anything. But if the nation do not be active, the power will not go on any dialogue. The government will offer such format that will be unacceptable. /APA/