Permanent Azerbaijani representative to UN: We expect UN’s support in settlement of GUAM conflicts

Permanent Azerbaijani representative to UN: We expect UN’s support in settlement of GUAM conflicts
# 18 January 2007 09:42 (UTC +04:00)
- Are you satisfied with the UN-Azerbaijan relations?
- UN-Azerbaijan partnership is realized in several directions. The activity of the permanent Azerbaijani office under UN Headquarters in New-York is based on the priorities of the country. The office expresses Azerbaijan’s position and supports the interests of the country. Azerbaijan achieved the adoption of the resolution “The situation in the occupied Azerbaijani territories�, “Missing persons� and “Release of captured women and children including the arrested during military conflicts� and including the term on protracted conflicts in GUAM on the agenda of the General Assembly. Besides, a number programs and agencies implement their mission in Azerbaijan through the UN. These programs offer financial, technical and consultation assistance for Azerbaijan’s development. US$10m from UNDP budget for 2007, $7.6m within World Food Programme and $3.023m through United Nations High Commissariat for Refugees were allocated for the implementation of the projects in Azerbaijan. Permanent office will continue its efforts in this direction.
- How will the appointment of the new Secretary General to UN influence the relation between the organization and Azerbaijan?
- New UN Secretary General took up his duties in hard times of diplomacy. One of the important problems is to strengthen response of UN to threats against international peace and security by means of reforms. Like a number of states, Azerbaijan is also interested in these reforms. I think that new Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will contribute to the settlement of these problems, by using the process of reforms.
- What priority issues have you set being new representative of Azerbaijan in UN? Do you plan to carry out any reforms in the office?
- Permanent office sets its work basing on the annual plan and fulfils its competences and duties on defined priorities. Our priorities are Armenian’s aggregation on Azerbaijan, protracted conflicts in GUAM region and chairmanship of Islamic Conference Organization. As well as in economic and humanitarian fields, the office pays special attention to achievement of Azerbaijan’s Millennium Development Goals.
- When new UN resident-coordinator Bruno Fuotett will take up his position?
- As far as we know Mr. Bruno Fuotett will take up his duties soon, after Marco Borsotti left the country.
- What steps does Azerbaijani office intend to take for execution of UN resolutions on Nagorno Karabakh?
- Our office raises the issue concerning the fulfilment of four resolutions adopted by UN Security Council in 1993, concerning Armenian aggression on Azerbaijan, during General Assembly sessions. Besides, our office has appealed to UN for several times and in 1994 asked UN fact-finding mission to be sent to occupied Azerbaijani territories. The next appeal was made in 2003 to UN Security Council and Secretary General.
- Did UN set the date of the discussion of frozen conflicts in GUAM region? What does Azerbaijan expect from these discussions?
- The discussions will be held on appropriate date for GUAM states. During the discussions, information will be given about the ways of the settlement of the frozen conflicts. We expect for UN to support the regulation of the conflicts and activate its efforts.
- Has Azerbaijan appealed to the UN of Yerevan’s indemnity for the damage to the properties of Azerbaijanis deported from Armenia? What do you plan to do on this issue at UN level?
- In UN system, the indemnity for the damage can only be implemented on the basis of either the decision of International Court of Justice or the regulations of the Security Council. In first case, International Court of Justice may consider the issue only by the authorization of Armenia and Azerbaijan. In the other case, Security Council and first of all its permanent members are to come to an agreement on this issue. Unlike the UN, regional organizations as the Council of Europe and European Court for Human Rights have more authorities on this issue.
- It is clear that Armenian Diaspora and lobby are very strong in the USA. Does your office contribute to improvement of the activities of Azerbaijani Diaspora and lobby?
- Cooperation with Azerbaijani Diaspora in New York is one of the main dimensions of our activities. One of my first activities as a permanent representative in the UN was the meeting with Azerbaijanis and the representatives of Jews. We discussed our future cooperation. Permanent Office has always supported the Diaspora and will continue to support. Azerbaijani Sunday school has opened recently with the recommendation of the permanent office and we have provided the school with textbooks, equipments and other accessories. Besides, the office organized an event on occasion of Solidarity Day of World Azerbaijanis, New Year and Sacrifice Feast on December 22. Hundreds of Diaspora representatives in New York and Washington participated in the event.
- Are UN representatives expected to visit Azerbaijan during this year?
- We are working on the organization of UN representatives’ visit to Azerbaijan at present. /APA/