“Ilham Aliyev is the only YAP candidate in 2008 presidential elections�

“Ilham Aliyev is the only YAP candidate in 2008 presidential elections�
# 17 January 2007 10:22 (UTC +04:00)
“The main priority of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP) will be preparation for 2008 presidential elections. YAP will review and assess its resources within preparation for presidential elections. Resources of the city and region organizations the party will be mobilized,� Deputy Chairman, Executive Secretary of YAP Ali Ahmadov told the APA exclusively. He said that preparations for presidential elections will be implemented successfully. Ali Ahmadov said YAP will successfully continue socio-political activity this year and increase its efforts in this direction.
“The other priority of the party is to strengthen the work with the youth. YAP has prepared a special program for it. Owing to the implementation of this program, the party’s work with the youth will be extensive. YAP also intends to strengthen its activity in the parliament. Two non-party parliamentarians, Aydin Hasanov and Ahad Ahmadov became YAP members, so the number of the parliamentarians representing the party reached 64 and the party got a large majority in the parliament,� he said.
Ali Ahmadov said that YAP has the only candidate in presidential elections.
“According to the law, the campaign of presidential elections is announced 4 months before the elections and all official procedures are implemented within this period. Principally, the only candidate of the party in the presidential elections is known. This is YAP chairman, Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev. I think that the society does not object to it. YAP spokesperson stressed that political activity will increase because of presidential elections, and noted that one of the most terms of achieving good results is to be ready for any situations.
“As in the previous elections YAP will react quickly to all political processes and will show its power in this sphere. YAP has enough political practice and the intellect of our members gives opportunity for us to prevent all attacks on our party. Especially, when the attacks are groundless and when strong forces back these attacks, it is not difficult to repulse the attack. President’s policy is our great power. As the result of it, the citizens support our president. And it means that our party is also supported. YAP’s power and confidence in our president weakens the position of the opposite side. The activity of all the opposition is disunited and there are fights inside the parties. That is why I do not consider that the political struggle will intensify this year,� he added. Touching on the cooperation of YAP with ADP, Ahmadov considered this cooperation possible.
“Evaluation process continues for a long time and eventually some opposition parties made this kind of statements. I highly estimate ADP organization men’s statement. On the one hand these kinds of statements mean the confession of realities in Azerbaijan. On the other hand, it gives opportunities to build civil inter-parties relations. YAP is the party joining the most talented and intellectual persons of the society. Opposition’s admission this truth may create new points in political relations. Finally, the opposition parties understood that their negative statement harms the formation of normal political relations in the society. I hope that ADP’s statements are not only the words but also its position�, he said.
Ali Ahmadov said that it is understandable that ADP’s statements face the bayonets by other parties.
“It is important to form civil political relations. It is not acceptable for anyone to oppose this. But I believe that opposition parties rejecting pragmatic and rational position will also admit the truth�, he said.
He stated that ADP’s proposal of cooperation should be deeply analyzed.
“I am mostly concerned in pragmatic approach and good will. I consider that it is possible to form cooperation and hold roundtables if there are such intentions�, he added. /APA/
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