ADP’s proposal on cooperation with government causes confrontation in opposition

ADP’s proposal on cooperation with government causes confrontation in opposition
# 15 January 2007 11:45 (UTC +04:00)
Opposition party and the party offering cooperation to the government can not cooperate,� Musavat Central Executive Body chief Arif Hajili told the APA. He regrets that the deputy chief of the party, stating its radical position against the government offers cooperation to the government.
Member of the Azadliq bloc, chief of the Citizen and Development Party Ali Aliyev said that Yagub Abbasov is a deputy chief and has no competence to speak on behalf of the party.
“To speak on behalf of the party is only in the first deputy chief Serdar Jalaloglu’s competence. Therefore I do not refer to these views as party’s position. On the other hand, there is a need for cooperation with the government on some issues. But this can not be achieved by the opposition’s persistent requests,� he said.
Deputy Chief of the Azerbaijan Democrat Party told the APA that the party will not change its mind. He said that the party itself decides its own steps.
“Though the party is struggling along with the Azadliq bloc, we are free in taking decisions. We have not taken commitments before anybody. On the other hand, if they do not agree, they are unaware that the initiative group has been established for holding national forum and both the member of Musavat Party and Azerbaijan Popular Front Party is represented there. YAP is also expected to take part in the forum,� he said.
Abbasov said that some worry about ADP’s proposal on cooperation with the government.
“Those who once cooperated with the government, represented in the parliament and damaged the opposition’s interests can not accept ADP’s position. We should take this step for our people. We do not hold secret talks here; we announce the contours of our struggle. Azadliq bloc will understand our position,� he said. /APA/
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