US Navy Azerbaijani officer: “We are always concerning over the occupation of Azerbaijani lands” – EXCLUSIVE

US Navy Azerbaijani officer: “We are always concerning over the occupation of Azerbaijani lands” – <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE  </font>
# 19 September 2008 09:58 (UTC +04:00)
-How did the young man, born in Nehram Village, rise to the rank of US Navy officer?

-I was born in 1977 in Nehram Village of Babak Region, Azerbaijan. I have lived in Nakhchivan City since the age of six and graduated from the secondary school there. I became the student of Baku State University and in 1998 graduated from the University’s History School. I went to the United States to receive Master’s degree and received two scientific degrees in economy and political relations. I worked for short time in the New York-based Energy Research and Development Department. After September 11 events, I decided, as a new US citizen, to make my contribution to the war on terrorism like other Americans. I took the military service in 2002. I started the service as a mariner. After the graduation from the high military school in 2005 I was appointed as an officer by the President George Bush’s order. I am a senior lieutenant now.

-There are many Azerbaijanis working in the different posts in the USA. Some of them are avoiding the Diaspora activity under the pretence of heavy working schedule. But despite that you are military serviceman you are demonstrating great activeness in the Diaspora activities. What can you say about that?

-I am looking at the Diaspora activity not as routine practice. The Diaspora is native for me like my family, my nation and traditions. We are always concerning about the occupation of 20 per cent of Azerbaijani lands and nearly one million Azerbaijani refugees and IDPs. My parents are living under the occupation. I deem it duty to work for Diaspora because of my loyalty to my nation and our traditions.

-5 congressmen joined the working group on Azerbaijan on your initiative. What can the close ties with the congressmen give us?

-Azerbaijani Diaspora should work in several directions. First is the recognition of Azerbaijan and our people. Besides, it is important to proclaim our just work in America. On the other hand, it should be taken into consideration that the White House, Department of State and Congress determine the foreign policy of the United States. Executive bodies mainly ensure strategic interests of the state, while the members of the Congress prefer the interests of the communities of the district they have been elected from. That’s why each congressman determines his position in accordance with the demographic breakdown of the district he represents. Sometimes, we witness some congressmen’s statements against strategic interests of America. Alongside with the executive body, we should do our best for prevention of the decisions against Azerbaijan in the Congress, protection of our just work, return of our occupied territories and assistance to Azerbaijan. As you know, nowhere else in the world there is analogue of Armenia’s invasion. This invasion is even justified in some big states.

-As far as we know, you often go to the meetings with the Congress members along with your family? What is its advantage?

-Like most people I pay special attention to family friendship. Most of Americans are family men and take warmer approach to the persons having paragon families. But there is also another message here. I want to demonstrate how developed and civilized the Azerbaijan’s society is. Ill-willers usually try to introduce our society as a backward one, where men dominate in the families and women have no rights. Seeing a family with a western style of thinking from a Muslim country, U.S. congressmen gain right impression of our country. My wife Naila and three-month son Kamal are essential support for me.

-How do you assess the activity of our diplomatic missions in the US?

-We have good relations with other members of our Diaspora and Azerbaijan’s diplomatic missions. Owing to the rapid development of Azerbaijan, our country’s bilateral relations with the US have extended much more. In this respect, I would like to note Azerbaijan’s consulate opened in Los Angeles. As far as I know, Azerbaijan’s consulate in California is carrying out serious activities and achieving positive results. Besides, Azerbaijan’s embassy in Washington is one of the most active foreign missions there.

-Are you going to join the U.S. politics in future?

-Time will show…