Sabina Babayeva: “I will do my best to represent Azerbaijan properly in the contest” – EXCLUSIVE – INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION

Sabina Babayeva: “I will do my best to represent Azerbaijan properly in the contest” – <font color=red>EXCLUSIVE – INTERVIEW - PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 17 April 2012 08:53 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Ulker Rashidqizi – APA. Interview with Sabina Babayeva, Azerbaijani representative at Eurovision 2012 Song Contest, who speaks about Azerbaijan-host 57th Eurovision Song Contest, her gladness to represent Azerbaijan at this contest and calls everyone to support her

- What is the Eurovision contest for Sabina? Is it difficult to attend this contest after magnificent victory of Eldar and Nigar?

- Eurovision is the major thing in my life. The main issue for me now is my preparation and work for this contest. I mobilized all my forces for Eurovision. This is big responsibility. I will do my best to represent Azerbaijan properly. I don’t forget the magnificent victory of Eldar and Nigar. This victory made every of us happy.

- How closer is the song “When the Music Dies” you will perform in the contest to your soul and what are you feeling while singing this song? When the music can die and how long is the music’s life?

- This song is very close to my soul because I am a lyric singer and therefore I feel in harmony with this song. Being close to the soul of the people is very important factor for the song. I think most of people understand what this song says. Commercial music dies early. But real hearty music never dies.

- You have already started your promo-tour. Did you meet Hungarian representative – Compact Disco group during your promo-tour in Hungary?

- I liked Budapest. This city with cordial people, beautiful and ancient architecture reminded me of Baku. Sometimes I even thought I was at home. We had a very interesting meeting with Compact Disco group. We sang the songs of the contest for each other, were photographed.

- 41 countries will gather in Azerbaijan this May. Is the place, where the contest is held, important for you? What do you expect from the 57th Eurovision Song Contest?

- Eurovision is a unique contest bringing together countries and peoples. Last year our country won and we had the honor to host this contest. It is a double pleasure for me as the representative of Azerbaijan and we can show hospitality to the participants of the contest, all the European family. Impressions are very pleasant. As regards the contest, I am sure that Eurovision 2012 in Baku will be the most unforgettable, wonderful in the history of this contest. Tens of thousands of people are doing their best to make this festivity inimitable, unforgettable I believe that it will be so. In my turn I will do my best to represent our country perfectly.

-How do you think which place Azerbaijan will win in Eurovision 2012? Does the direct qualification for the final reduce the chances to win, or is this factor positive for less excitement?

-The main thing for me is to perform perfectly. It is impossible to say anything about the results of the contest, so, let’s wait for the contest. I do not think that direct qualification for the final reduces chances to win. Everything depends on the song, representative and performance. The main thing is that the people feel the song and remember it. Winning is certainly a wonderful feeling, but it is also important to be remembered by millions of people.

- How many persons will perform together with you in Baku Crystal Hall on May 26? What can you say about the design of the stage and how will be your dress?

-Now this is a secret, let’s wait for my performance on May 26. Be sure that there will be a lot of surprises, it is worth waiting for.

-This contest differs from other not only because it is held in Azerbaijan, but also because famous singers as Engelbert Humperdinck, Anggun, Pastora Soler, Zeljko Joksimovic will participate in this contest. Does this factor excite you?

-I am very glad that these singers will arrive in Azerbaijan and I will participate in the same show with them, it is an interesting experience for me. I have watched Eurovision contest for years. Of course, my favorites have been our representatives for the last four years and Marija Šerifović and Alexander Rybak are among my beloved singers.

- Who will join to Sabina to light Eurovision fire on May 26?

-Please, wait for the contest, let it remains my little secret.

-What does Sabina Babayeva, who currently is preparing diligently in Ukraine, want to say her supporters?

- My dears! My main purpose is to do my best to represent my country in a good level. I attended the national selections last four years to achieve my desire. I believed that I could do it. Why not? My purpose is to make all over the world to know that Azerbaijan is very talented and hospitable country. I wish our history, traditions and music to remain in the history of Eurovision Song Contest. We will do everything together! I thank everybody for your encouraging words, support and belief. I am sure you will support me on this important way. We are the best, don’t forget it!
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