Russian politician announces main points behind move of Ruben Vardanyan to Karabakh

Sergey Markov, Director of the Institute of Political Studies, well-known politician

© APA | Sergey Markov, Director of the Institute of Political Studies, well-known politician

# 02 September 2022 16:07 (UTC +04:00)

"A Russian businessman of Armenian origin Ruben Vardanyan gained billions in Russia and certainly, transferred a lot of money to Europe and the United States. Now, sanctions against Russia can deprive Vardanyan of money and real estate. That is why, he refuses Russian citizens to avoid anti-Russian sanctions. He shows as he sacrifices himself for Karabakh people. In fact, the issue is different," Director of the Institute of Political Studies, well-known politician Sergey Markov told APA's correspondent in Moscow.

Russian expert has announced that there are other factors behind Vardanyan's move: "Ruben Vardanyan is a genius. He declared that he had moved to Karabakh. It's just amazing. Vardanya's mind can be admired. He's made billions in Russia and of course, he's transferred a lot of money into Europe and the US. Now, due to the sanctions against Russia, Vardanyan may be deprived of this money and real estate. Look, Vardanyan makes a great gambit. He pretends to sacrifice himself to Karabakh people, and moves to Karabakh. At the same time, he has refused Russian citizenship and actually avoids anti-Russian sanctions. To ensure that the United States and the European Union will not impose sanctions on him, he begins to actively praise the United States and France regarding the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. So flexible moral principles! Fleeing from Russia, which has given everything to Vardanyan, is presented as a heroic step," stressed Markov.